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Ultrum Ultimate Long-Acting Spray for Dogs

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Ultrum Ultimate Long-Acting Spray for Dogs

Pack Size
125 Ml
$ 14.57
Ultrum Ultimate Long-Acting Spray for Dogs
  • Ultrum Ultimate Long-Acting Spray

    Ultrum Ultimate is a long-lasting flea and tick treatment that is administered by spraying on the coat and skin of the dog. It kills 100% fleas within a day of administration. This long-lasting spray keeps killing adult fleas for a maximum of one month. It is also effective against ticks and kills them on contact. This treatment is recommended for puppies and dogs older than 7 weeks of age. It is quick-working and you can see the pests falling off as you spray the coat of the dog. It provides comprehensive protection to the dogs from flea eggs and larvae for more than three months. This flea and tick preventative spray contains citrus-fragrance that provides pleasant smell to the dog's coat after application.

    Ultrum Ultimate Long-Acting Spray for Dogs

    Permethrin, Ex-bioallethrin, Pyriproxifen and Piperonyl butoxide are the active ingredients present in this spray treatment. All these active ingredients give instant relief to the dog of scratching and itching. It provides comprehensive protection from fleas, flea eggs, larvae and ticks. It even prevents flea eggs from hatching and stops larvae from developing into adult fleas thus breaking the flea lifecycle.

    Adult fleas hatched from pupae treated with this spray are very weak and so are eliminated very soon. The other benefit of this treatment is due to the presence of Pyriproxifen dogs can roam outdoors as it is stable in sunlight. Thus, this flea and tick preventative treatment provides comprehensive protection to the dog by eliminating fleas, flea eggs, larvae and ticks from their body.


    Permethrin 3%

    Es-bioallethrin 0,4%

    Pyriproxifen 0,3%

    Piperonyl butoxide 2%


    Kyron Labs
  • Benefits
    • Consists of four powerful, but safe active ingredients
    • Kills flea eggs and larvae for more than 13 weeks after application
    • Kills fleas and ticks instantly on contact
    • Leaves a pleasant citrus fragrance on the dog's coat
    • Stays on the skin and coat of dogs and carries on killing fleas for more than 3 weeks
  • Directions
    • Wear household gloves while applying the solution to the dog's coat and skin.
    • Wet the coat right down to the skin by ruffling the dog's coat as you spray, thus exposing the skin.
    • The pump spray delivers approximately 1.4 ml of solution with each pull of the trigger.
    • Massage the coat after this which would assist in distributing the solution evenly.
    • The spray is quick-drying, but leaves a fine film, which may impart a slight shine to the coat.
    • Never spray near the face area of the dog, rather spray some solution onto a cloth or into your glove and then transfer the solution to the skin/coat.
    • Let the solution on the dog dry naturally.
    • This treatment needs to be repeated every 3 to 4 weeks, especially in warm and humid conditions.
  • Safety
    • After administering the treatment, wash your hands properly with soap and water.
    • Always wear gloves while administering the treatment.
    • Apply the spray in a well-ventilated room.
    • Children and other pets should not be allowed to get in close proximity of the product.
    • Do not use this treatment on dogs that are known to be sensitive to insecticides or to alcohol.
    • Never smoke, eat or drink during application.
    • Never spray this treatment in the eyes of the dog. In case of accidental spray in the eyes, wash the eyes properly with rinsed water.
    • This treatment is strictly to be administered to dogs only. Never use it on cats as it can be extremely dangerous.
Ultrum Ultimate Long-Acting Spray for Dogs
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It works!
Jan 17, 2018

My little dog was heavily infested with fleas. I got to know about this stuff through my friend. I tried this on my pet with positive results. I am happy!

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