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Betty L.
Oct 23, 2021

received product in timely manner

Julianne D.
Oct 22, 2021

I like that I can get the flea pills for large dogs here and I usually get them within a week. Easy and no hassle. And at a price I can afford. Thanks!

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Our Customers Say

Michael S.
Oct 22, 2021

very good price & fast shipping !

Paul B.
Oct 22, 2021

easy to find easy to order with quick recievimg

Priscilla D.
Oct 21, 2021

Love pet care supplies. Will purchase from again. Prices are great. Shipping takes a little longer but worth it. Great company. I am a very satisfied customer.

Dorothea S.
Oct 20, 2021

Best prices on what I need, just wish it was in the states. Works for me though and saves me money.

Henderson B.
Oct 17, 2021

Never a problem. Everything goes smooth.

Scott S.
Oct 17, 2021

I received item in a timely manner. Thank you.

Sheryl C.
Oct 12, 2021

Quick shipping and great value! Thank you!

Jamie A.
Oct 12, 2021

Great product and price

Donna B.
Oct 11, 2021

Love the product. Saved $40.00 buying direct

Kim G.
Oct 09, 2021

Fast shipping

Sean W.
Oct 09, 2021

From overseas

Nicole M.
Oct 08, 2021

This product works immediately. Also the costs is 1/2 the price on this website compared to walmart or Amazon!!

Rae B.
Oct 08, 2021

Great shipping and packaging

Rachel K.
Oct 08, 2021

Miracle product. Works extremely well

Diane W.
Oct 07, 2021


Monica H.
Oct 05, 2021

Thank you!

Tina M.
Oct 05, 2021

An effective product at a great price. It did take a little bit longer than I expected but after I did find out it was coming from the uk it should've been expected. Thank you.

Cristi N.
Oct 04, 2021

Happy with service

Joanna M.
Oct 03, 2021

Took only 7 days from England to US

Don J.
Oct 03, 2021

Easy to apply

Robin P.
Oct 02, 2021

I received my order in a very timely fashion. I was very happy with this purchase

Joy L.
Oct 01, 2021

Happy with your company but not the flea meds.

Donna S.
Sep 30, 2021

Overall, I am very satisfied with the fast shipping and I am very pleased with the reasonable price I received on the flea product. I was worried I wouldn't be able to afford any type of flea product with three cats but I was pleasantly surprised when I found PetCareSupplies.com and their reasonable pricing. My cats are also very happy!

Marquita S.
Sep 30, 2021

But I have ordered multiple times and every time for at least the last five purchases….. it says one price on invoice and I pay it but by the time it goes through the price changes and goes higher and I get no notification or reason why

Lyn E.
Sep 30, 2021

Great product and great price!

Gerald B.
Sep 29, 2021

Excellent produce and very good service and price . Good enought for 6 stars

Roxy S.
Sep 22, 2021

Great price, and fantastic service! Thank you PetCareSupplies!

Susan P.
Sep 22, 2021

Received as promised

Patricia D.
Sep 21, 2021

I am very satisfied with the purchase and delivery of Frontline Plus. Will purchase again.

Ronald H.
Sep 21, 2021

Works great!

John T.
Sep 19, 2021

Been buying products from company for several years. Happy with service and price.

Lisa M.
Sep 18, 2021

Very good ??

Dan S.
Sep 18, 2021

Appears to be the same stuff we pay a lot more for in the U.S.

Lori S.
Sep 17, 2021


Patricia W.
Sep 17, 2021

Great service and great price, bonus is free shipping!

Sandra W.
Sep 17, 2021

Products work great and prices are awesome.

James M.
Sep 17, 2021

Thank you for the great price, and the great product. Absolutely a pleasure!

Charles C.
Sep 17, 2021

Good fast service

Rodney W.
Sep 17, 2021

fast shipping

Lolita L.
Sep 17, 2021

Quick delivery. No shipping cost. And a great product. Would recommend Pet Care Supplies to everyone I know with pets. Will definitely use them again if needled.

Keith M.
Sep 16, 2021

Not same box but same ingredients and manufacturer. Nothing out of date. No problems. Arrived in about a week.

George C.
Sep 16, 2021

Great price and fast shipping from the UK..

Nicole S.
Sep 16, 2021

I was surprised how quickly this was shipped to the US! And of course it is significantly less expensive than anywhere in the US.

Tekisha G.
Sep 16, 2021


Patricia T.
Sep 16, 2021

Receive my product in under seven days and was told it would be here between seven and 14 days just wish the product would last longer than three days love the price

Patricia M.
Sep 16, 2021

I am pleased with the product, price and very quick shipment!

Michael B.
Sep 16, 2021

Good price and received sooner than expected!

Rebecca S.
Sep 16, 2021

You saved me lots of money.

Barb A.
Sep 15, 2021

Boxes arrived crushed, but pills were ok.

Eleanor T.
Sep 15, 2021

Very satisfied

Rachel G.
Sep 15, 2021

Shipped fast for a fair price! Will definitely shop again!

Karen B.
Sep 15, 2021

Service is great-prices are great been a long time customer

Jamie S.
Sep 15, 2021

order came very quickly

Ronald S.
Sep 12, 2021

Again great product works effectively, and we will be ordering again in the future from pet supplies for their fast service.

Clayton T.
Sep 12, 2021

33% less then when I buy it at my Local TARGET. Shipped from the UK, but got here in 5 days.

Robert W.
Sep 10, 2021

Will shop here again.

Jeanne E.
Sep 09, 2021

I received my product but it was in a different packaging than the Frontline Plus I was used to buying. It came in a grey/silver box with a grey cat on front. I was apprehensive at first about using it but I read the ingredients & they are the same as the one I bought in the USA

Barbara B.
Sep 09, 2021

Very happy with the quick delivery.

Sherry T.
Sep 09, 2021

First time ordering, I was very impressed. I will order again

Kathy R.
Sep 09, 2021

Good value

Ronald B.
Sep 09, 2021

Quick service!

Larry M.
Sep 07, 2021

It's been 4 months we have been shopping regularly on this online store. We have got great deals for all the great products which are useful. They have all policies crystal and clear. No hidden payments as well on discounted products.

William K.
Sep 05, 2021


Susan K.
Sep 05, 2021

Thank you from the cats

Kevin C.
Sep 02, 2021

Good price for Frontline and quick banishment of fleas. Thanks.

Michele K.
Sep 01, 2021

Fast good price

C. D.
Aug 31, 2021

Does the job for a multi-cat family.

Katherine A.
Aug 31, 2021

I've placed orders many times with pet care supplies great service everytime

Hongye T.
Aug 31, 2021

Very good!

Anita F.
Aug 31, 2021

Customer service great, product is awful, my dog got fleas

Tracy D.
Aug 31, 2021

So far so good. But received a blue box,not purple like the website shows. Gave the pill earlier today, hopefully it works. I have used capstar in the past and it worked great.

Nancy R.
Aug 31, 2021

Was very happy with how quickly it arrived

Vincent C.
Aug 31, 2021

Exactly what I wanted at a great price and fast delivery! Bravo.

Kye T.
Aug 31, 2021

My dog is really an oldie he is 9 years and 7 months old and he was suffering from regular urine issues and our vet recommended us HomeoPet "Leaks No More" and we really loved this product and other products from this brand since then its been 3 months we are facing less problems. We are happy to use this brand products and to get at so less price.

Lynda J.
Aug 30, 2021

it seems to work well on my animals

Susan H.
Aug 30, 2021

Received the Frontline much quicker than I thought I would since it was from UK. Will order again

Victoria B.
Aug 29, 2021

The Seresto Flea Collar is a good value. I purchase a flea collar for my dogs every eight months. It keeps my dogs safe from fleas and my home flea-free. All of this is also for a very good price. I highly recommend this flea collar!!

Tina H.
Aug 29, 2021

Received items very quickly.

James S H.
Aug 29, 2021

Least cost?? fast shipping ??

Donna S.
Aug 28, 2021

Works great

Ron S.
Aug 28, 2021

Thank you for shipping on time in letting me know when things are going to happen.

Anita C.
Aug 27, 2021

Anything I want for my loved ones. They feel pampered and happy with all your products. Fast, quality service.

Roe R.
Aug 26, 2021

I have been shopping from this website-store since 2 years and I get everything delivered on time without any complaints of shipping or wrongly delivered products. I love their service.

Roe R.
Aug 26, 2021

I have been shopping from this website-store since 2 years and I get everything delivered on time without any complaints of shipping or wrongly delivered products. I love their service.

Candice B.
Aug 26, 2021

Arrives in a timely matter and the price is right! Very happy!

Candice B.
Aug 26, 2021

Arrives in a timely matter and the price is right! Very happy!

Timothy N.
Aug 25, 2021

so reasonable on price and fast shipping

Betty W.
Aug 25, 2021

Good place to order from

Lisa K.
Aug 25, 2021

I love how prompt your business is and how fast I received my purchases I will surely be ordering from you soon. Thank you so much.

Kelly L.
Aug 24, 2021

Place order and ships right away

Jeffrey J.
Aug 24, 2021

The Seresto collar has worked to keep our dog free of fleas and ticks without adverse reactions to the dog. The price and prompt service and delivery has kept me as one of your customers.

Jonathan F.
Aug 24, 2021

Fast shipping great prices

Diane A.
Aug 24, 2021

Pet Care Supplies was clear about the product and delivery time. The product arrived at the early end of the time frame given, and their price was better than elsewhere. I’ll order from them again.

Greta J.
Aug 24, 2021

cheap cheap cheap. fast great

Tiffani A.
Aug 24, 2021

Great value and received in a timely manner!

Suzanne A.
Aug 24, 2021

Best prices and always delivered as described!

Amy N.
Aug 24, 2021

I received my order very quickly. I like that I saved a substantial amount of money over ordering from Chewy and the products were just what I had ordered.

Donna P.
Aug 23, 2021

My cat is back to being happy

Donald C.
Aug 22, 2021

So much cheaper for the same product. And fast shipping too.

Charla M.
Aug 22, 2021

Rsceived on time

Gary L.
Aug 22, 2021

local stores charge too much

Johneda L.
Aug 21, 2021

Treat Service. Thanks

Marley B.
Aug 21, 2021

Trusted delivery! Thank you!

Debbie G.
Aug 20, 2021

I am very satisfied with this product it arrived at perfect timing. It is a great product and I recommend it to everyone!

Virginia G.
Aug 20, 2021

Product not so great, but ok. Delivery very fast.

Frederic W.
Aug 20, 2021

If you are looking for pet care at the discounted rates then this is the one-stop solution for you. This website has everything you need to take care of your pets.

Pamela C.
Aug 19, 2021

Worked quickly with no side effects.

John A.
Aug 19, 2021

works very fast

Robert H.
Aug 19, 2021

This is your next go to company. Quality products Very competitive prices..

Monique H.
Aug 19, 2021

It was easy to order and the shipping was short. I was very happy with the process

Karen W.
Aug 18, 2021

Credited my account with no problem.

Deborah B.
Aug 18, 2021

Product is packaged well, arrived quickly and safely. Thank you!

Dianna M.
Aug 18, 2021

I loved the price and quick delivery

Garnet M.
Aug 18, 2021

Best place to get meds and flea control

Grace M.
Aug 17, 2021

Great price and fast delivery

Janet G.
Aug 17, 2021

Petcare is fast and has competitive prices.

Darcie R.
Aug 17, 2021

thank you

Gregory E.
Aug 17, 2021

I've been very pleased with PetCareSupplies.com. The customer service representatives are really terrific, and work hard to ensure complete satisfaction.

Lisa C.
Aug 17, 2021

Shipped and received quickly

Suzanne S.
Aug 17, 2021

Great service. Product received within 5 days. Will order again from PetCare

Keith M.
Aug 17, 2021


Marianna R.
Aug 17, 2021

Ordered twice n very satisfied with the product! Great price ! Dog has no bugs, no irritation, no smelly oils or order.. definitely will order again

Goldie D.
Aug 17, 2021

I have ordered it before from you. So I ordered it again.

Brenda R.
Aug 17, 2021

Very prompted. Thank you very much for your service

Diane M.
Aug 17, 2021

Great prices , fast delivery !

Michele G.
Aug 17, 2021

No problems

Charles O.
Aug 17, 2021

This is a great product to prevent fleas and ticks.

David C.
Aug 17, 2021

worked on big dog . somewhat on smaller dog

Susan C.
Aug 17, 2021

have made several purchases and I am satisfied with their service

Marilyn H.
Aug 17, 2021

Very good communication. Satisfied with the product. Great prices.

Joelle M.
Aug 17, 2021

And fast shipping

Lynda B.
Aug 16, 2021

Second time ordering Capstar for a fraction of the price sold anywhere else. I was a bit confused, however, when I ordered boxes of 12 - the cat price was more then the dog price. When they came they were all the same, in a box with both a cat and dog on it. Therefore, it doesn't matter whether you buy the cat or the dog, and the price should be the same. ALSO, IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME PRODUCT.

Donna S.
Aug 16, 2021

Competitive price. Fast delivery. Product is working nicely.

Chyntia R.
Aug 16, 2021

Thank you

Caroline I.
Aug 16, 2021

I always use FrontlinePlus for our cat, and you guys had it in stock, thank you. Great service, great packaging, fast delivery, Nikky thanks you, as do I. I'll be a ret

Doris G.
Aug 16, 2021

Good Price, fast shipment

Esta F.
Aug 16, 2021

great product and excellent results!!!

Carolyn S.
Aug 16, 2021

Works perfect on my dog. Have never seen a flea

Deborah M.
Aug 16, 2021

Very satisfied, came quickly , received what I ordered

Donna P.
Aug 16, 2021

It was great to see my cat go from scratching relaxing overnight

Rolando A.
Aug 16, 2021

Price is good and delivery comes as promised

Kathryn F.
Aug 16, 2021

Would use again.

Carol B.
Aug 16, 2021

Love this company!

Rachel B.
Aug 16, 2021

It is a great product at a great price that comes in a reasonable time.

Jeannette K.
Aug 16, 2021

Good buy!

Kurt J.
Aug 16, 2021

Everything was told it would quickly and correctly

Karen K.
Aug 16, 2021

Like product

Beverly S.
Aug 16, 2021

Nice company

Karen H.
Aug 16, 2021

Thank you for the prompt delivery of the Frontline Plus for Cats!

Terry J.
Aug 16, 2021

Very good service and quality.

Phyllis S.
Aug 16, 2021

Great company. Ships fast. Never had a problem. Thanks Pet Care Supplies

Joyce S.
Aug 16, 2021

I received what I ordered in a timely manner!

Joann S.
Aug 16, 2021

Killed the fleas

Nancy D.
Aug 16, 2021

I was very pleased to find my order within 5 days instead of up to 10.

Glenda P.
Aug 16, 2021

great service, was fast coming through us mail.

Wilma M.
Aug 16, 2021

Work great

Peggysue S.
Aug 16, 2021

Prices are great and orders arrive quickly.

Kathy G.
Aug 16, 2021

Great product. Great prices

Julie P.
Aug 16, 2021

great product at at a super great price!

Deborah M.
Aug 16, 2021

Great product. Came quickly.

Paula F.
Aug 16, 2021

Great Product Great Value !!!!!

Steven K.
Aug 16, 2021

Easy to order, secure website, fast shipping. Excellent.

Michele H.
Aug 16, 2021

Very satisfied with your prices and ease in ordering process

Beverly S.
Aug 16, 2021

Hassle-free ordering, great prices and fast shipping, along with Norton Protection!

Karen Z.
Aug 16, 2021

Fast and great price

Debbie P.
Aug 16, 2021

came on time and quick

Amanda T.
Aug 16, 2021

Exactly as described

Marquita S.
Aug 16, 2021

It works but I’m not sure about the 30 days

Rebecca M.
Aug 16, 2021

Great product

Sandy F.
Aug 16, 2021

Love the product Price and Service.

Micaela A.
Aug 16, 2021

I'm very happy with the service ?

Linda P.
Aug 16, 2021

The price was the lowest I could find on line and twice as low as our local stores. It worked great on the feral cats I have been feeding. Very fast service. Would buy from this company again.

Roberto D.
Aug 16, 2021

Good product , effective delivery service at an excellent price.

Charles B.
Aug 16, 2021

good product

Cindy T.
Aug 16, 2021

Arrived early and worked great

Melinda H.
Aug 16, 2021

Not only a great product, but a very quick delivery! Will always order from such an efficient company!

Marsha L.
Aug 16, 2021

Has worked very well with my cats and will be obtaining them for my dogs. Thank you

Glenn H.
Aug 16, 2021

Very good price!

Jennifer W.
Aug 16, 2021

Great product. Just as described. A lot cheaper here then anywhere else!!

Kara R.
Aug 16, 2021

Easy check out fast delivery

Allen H.
Aug 16, 2021

at the best price, too! Great service; I will be back

Pamela T.
Aug 16, 2021

Very reasonable prices I have 3 dogs and meds can get very expensive thanks

George S.
Aug 16, 2021

The barn cats are doing very well. The feral cats are doing well too. Still some scratching but can't regulate how much they get. Cats!...

Cynthia B.
Aug 16, 2021

This is the best price for this product. Happy to have found it.

Tom J.
Aug 16, 2021

Came quickly

Esther L.
Aug 16, 2021


Nanette S.
Aug 16, 2021

Excellent company; good prices; good customer service; quick shipping. Highly recommend.

Jennifer S.
Aug 16, 2021

very satisfied

Allen F.
Aug 16, 2021

I am happy with my service in every aspect!

Lois B.
Aug 16, 2021

Thank you again.

Yu-Mei L.
Aug 16, 2021

Great product, fast service, and unbeatable price!’n

Cheryl R.
Aug 16, 2021

This was an auto delivery, and it went in at the right time and was delivered at the right time…perfect!

Laurie K.
Aug 16, 2021

I didn't realize at first that this ships from the UK, but it arrived in less than a week. Will definitely use this pet supply website again.

Philippe C.
Aug 16, 2021

Fast shipping

Victoria R.
Aug 16, 2021

My order arrived as ordered.

Sherri S.
Aug 16, 2021

Very good product

Cloudie S.
Aug 16, 2021

Your flea and tick medication was so much less than other places extremely satisfied with it.

Lynda W.
Aug 16, 2021


John R.
Aug 16, 2021

prompt delivery, very good price

Cloudie S.
Aug 16, 2021

The same flea medication for so many ch less than other places.

Marcia P.
Aug 16, 2021

Very happy with pricing and delivery, just wish the product had performed better

Jeff R.
Aug 16, 2021

Great experience

Tammy B.
Aug 16, 2021

Great deal!

Monique A.
Aug 16, 2021

Excellent Price and Product. Delivery was pretty quick too. Will order from Pet Care Supplies again and again!

Jason H.
Aug 16, 2021

Love the service. Excellent

Arlene H.
Aug 16, 2021

Fast ship

Elaine C.
Aug 16, 2021

What I wanted, and received very quick.

Alma B.
Aug 16, 2021

This company is dependable and I appreciate the percentage off my orders.

Gerri B.
Aug 16, 2021

Thank you for quickly getting my order to me! Your pricing was significantly lower than other suppliers as well, thank you!!

Dorothy R.
Aug 16, 2021

Love the product.

Annette C.
Aug 16, 2021


Laura U.
Aug 16, 2021

Painless ordering & shipping was on time

Marcella L.
Aug 16, 2021

Received item just as ordered. Good communication with tracking. Just be prepared to wait a couple of weeks for shipping to the United States. Great prices.

Bonnie B.
Aug 16, 2021

I use these on my 3 dogs and 2 cats and have never had a problem with them or fleas.

Philip B.
Aug 16, 2021

Great service for pet products.

M Curt G.
Aug 16, 2021

very enjoyable not having to leave my home. it would be nice if you were able to have a veterinary doctor as part of your service whereby a phone call that requires a doctor to issue a script to refill medicines for traditional flea, tick and worms could be a value added benefit that enhance us buying from your company even better

Maureen N.
Aug 16, 2021

But cheaper!!!

Joann B.
Aug 16, 2021

Everything went very well and I am happy with my purchase!

Pat L.
Aug 16, 2021

it was easy to order and less expensive that other sites. hopefully it works as well as what i've ordered from other places.

Barry C.
Aug 16, 2021

Best price

Jeanne P.
Aug 16, 2021

The shipping is kind of hit and miss. One order came in 3 days and the next was almost a month.

Marissa R.
Aug 16, 2021

Needed this for my cat and got it super fast and great pricing.

Barton F.
Aug 16, 2021

Very good product at a very good price.

Markus M.
Aug 16, 2021

My vet recommends this product and Pet Care Supplies has the best price. And I received this order a bit quicker than usual.

Kirsten S.
Aug 16, 2021

We love this product and using your website and customer service have been very easy and helpful when I forgot to use a promo code. Will continue to use Pet Care Supplies every time we reorder.

Sharon B.
Aug 16, 2021

All good

William Jakes J.
Aug 06, 2021

I love this store, it sells great brands at very affordable price. And keep updating the offers and discounts, just like this dental month which allow us to have great deals for the coming months and let us save alot.

Tony Z.
Jul 29, 2021

PetCareSupplies is my best bet for all my pet essentials. The prices here are much cheaper than big box stores for the same products. I just love to shop for my furry pal from here.

Tony Z.
Jul 29, 2021

PetCareSupplies is my best bet for all my pet essentials. The prices here are much cheaper than big box stores for the same products. I just love to shop for my furry pal from here.

Suzie M.
Jul 24, 2021

PetCareSupplies has helped me to stock up dog supplies at discounted rates, and the shipment has always been on time. Well done, and thank you for providing such a valuable service and amazing sales!

Adam K.
Jul 16, 2021

My mother once suggested me to shop from Pet Care Supplies. I've been shopping for my cat here for a long time since then. Whether it was treatments or supplements, everything was delivered on schedule and in perfect condition. I felt compelled to submit this review because of the consistency of such service.

Savannah K.
Jul 10, 2021

Great experience shopping from here. The staff is very helpful and polite, they have always helped me regarding the updates of my order. Also, I love reading the blogs that they post here, they help me choose the best for my dog.

Susan T.
Jul 02, 2021

Excellent customer service. Petcaresupplie executive was very friendly, patient and helpful in helping us find what we were looking for my cats.

Cardi K.
Jun 26, 2021

This store is impressive!! I got products at discounted rates!!! Would recommend it to all!

Denise J.
Jun 21, 2021

I don't think we applaud each other enough when we do a good job; you usually only hear about it when something goes wrong! So, today I want to express my appreciation for the prompt shipment of the order I ordered on Tuesday. On Saturday, I was surprised to find it on my front door!! Thank you again, and I will continue to shop at your store in the future!

Denise J.
Jun 21, 2021

I don't think we applaud each other enough when we do a good job; you usually only hear about it when something goes wrong! So, today I want to express my appreciation for the prompt shipment of the order I ordered on Tuesday. On Saturday, I was surprised to find it on my front door!! Thank you again, and I will continue to shop at your store in the future!

Sandra K K.
Jun 18, 2021

I have been shopping for Pet care supplies for 3 years now, but never really got the time to write a review. Anyways, as today I am writing one, I want it to be short and simple- Pet Care Supplies is wonderful. I love everything about this store, the fast delivery, the discounted rates, the customer support, everything! Just don't think twice, this is the best store if you want to buy for pets.

Corinne S.
Jun 12, 2021

I have used pet care supplies.com for a couple of years now for seresto collars for my 6 pets. This last order went a little awry due to a misspelling of my email. The staff was great, answered my emails, fixed the error, and shipped the items timely. I really like the discounts as well.

Adam V.
Jun 10, 2021

I have to say, these guys are incredible. I've been buying supplies for my dogs and birds from here for three years and have never had a problem with shipping or delivery. Even when I made a mistake and placed an incorrect purchase, these guys were extremely cooperative and attentive in resolving the issue in just one call. Thank you so much, and best wishes!

Julia M.
Jun 01, 2021

I am so glad to have found this store. Now I don't have to stand in long billing queues or have to drive distances to get pet supplies for my pets. I just have to place an order and everything is delivered right at my front door within a few days!

Lacey G.
Apr 22, 2021

Love the low prices and free shipping. You get quality pet supplies for less.

Kim D.
Apr 21, 2021

Took a while to get here from The OK.

Ronnie W.
Apr 21, 2021

Ordering what I needed was easy!

Loleta M.
Apr 21, 2021

Product is great, but it took a little longer than I expected to receive the order.

Jennifer M.
Apr 21, 2021


Anne N.
Apr 21, 2021

Best price ever. Worth the longer wait to be delivered! I’d use you again.

Charlene B.
Apr 20, 2021

Good customer service when I called checking on my order.

Heather D.
Apr 20, 2021

Good product. Please do not continue to send this survey every day

Jay K.
Apr 20, 2021

Works great

Jay K.
Apr 20, 2021

Great price

Rebecca N.
Apr 20, 2021

Out of stock everywhere in the USA. Took a bit to arrive but it had a long way to come! Worth the wait.

Diann W.
Apr 20, 2021

Bought 2 seresto collars. My first order got shipped to another location but I called pet care supplies and they were very quick to get another order shipped to me.

Melanie M.
Apr 19, 2021

I will be doing better for my pups teeth

Tracy N.
Apr 17, 2021

Works great on my 15 lbs chorkie!!!

Jennifer R.
Apr 16, 2021

Always quick ship and great product

Barbara H.
Apr 16, 2021

Good price, fast delivery

Lacey G.
Apr 16, 2021

Free shipping, awesome prices...what’s not not love?!

Richard T.
Apr 15, 2021

Arrived as described. Good price. Only disadvantage is that it took a couple of weeks to arrive from the UK.

Lynnace H.
Apr 15, 2021

This is the best for any cats flea and tick care.

Loretta B.
Apr 15, 2021

Great prices and quick delivery

Theresa B.
Apr 15, 2021

Excellent prices for flea meds. Fresh and work great.

Tracy N.
Apr 13, 2021

Works great!!!

Ardrey H.
Apr 13, 2021

I would have been more satisfied if there had been information on the order site that it would take 1 month for the order to arrive.

Mark K.
Apr 13, 2021

The price for this collar was very good. The time from order to delivery seemed a little long. Next year I will order a little earlier. Overall a great deal.

Kimi W.
Apr 13, 2021

It has helped my furbabies not scratch as much

Christina T.
Apr 13, 2021


Maria G.
Apr 12, 2021

Walter, was a big help to me when I called to check on the status of my order. He was very polite and helpful. Thank you PETCARE for having people like Walter working there!

Constance S.
Apr 11, 2021

I used this product last year worked very well. I am using again this year.

Marica D.
Apr 08, 2021

Thank you very much

Jim H.
Apr 08, 2021

Fast shipping

Christine L.
Apr 08, 2021

Received my order within a week speedy service much appreciated!

Troy D.
Apr 07, 2021

Tracking not updated by USPS once it go to the U.S. but was right on time.

Ken C.
Apr 07, 2021

Good price, fast delivery

Sharon W.
Apr 01, 2021

Friendly knowledgable customer service. I haven't used the product yet (Capstar) but I expect it to be just like their service - excellent. I will be using PetCareSupplies for ALL my pet care needs in future! Thank you so much for the speedy shipment and friendly phone representative when I placed my order!

James H.
Mar 25, 2021

Good pricing

Linda B.
Mar 24, 2021

I ordered 4 Seresto collars for my son & daughters dogs and had the package assigned a tracking number. From the time of my order being received to us receiving the order was 7 days. We had ordered from another website that ended up being out of Singapore & it took a month but then again this was at the start of Covid shutting the world down to a slower than snails pace of movement. Thank you!

Linda G.
Mar 19, 2021

Love this site. Ordering and receiving my orders are excellent. Will continue tou use pet care supplies. You guys are great. Thank you.

Mark J.
Mar 19, 2021

Very satisfied

Linda B.
Mar 18, 2021


Madison L.
Mar 18, 2021

Came at a reasonable time and easy to put on dog

Darrell L.
Mar 18, 2021

Very happy with the order. Thanks.

Penelope H.
Mar 17, 2021

Very happy with the price and good delivery time. Different picture on the can, hope it’s the same. Thank you

Karen U.
Mar 17, 2021

Excellent communication between PetCareSupplies and me as far as delivery. Package arrived very soon after I ordered it. I ordered two 6-dose packages and, unfortunately, one of them expires before the six month period is up. I am somewhat disappointed, as I have ordered from them in the past and never had this problem. Not a deal-breaker, but a bit disheartening.

Roger W.
Mar 17, 2021

Fast shipping

Elaine S.
Mar 17, 2021

Great product, great customer service and fast delivery!!!! Very happy!!!

Lori E.
Mar 17, 2021

Great price! Authentic product!

Erma R.
Mar 16, 2021

Great product, greatest price.

Donna C.
Mar 14, 2021

Product appears to be good. I have not put them on the kitties.

Sean W.
Mar 13, 2021

Price for the collar was great but shipping was a bit slow. Will definitely get again, but will plan for longer shipping time.

Rovena R.
Mar 13, 2021

My order took longer than I thought to arrive, but I was very pleased when it finally arrived.

Tom A.
Mar 11, 2021

Great product . Vet recommended. Super price. Thanks

Connie E.
Mar 10, 2021

Got my order very quickly.and what a deal

Gerald F.
Mar 10, 2021

Very satisfied with the service I recieved.

Linda T.
Mar 09, 2021

Love the flea collar it's the only kind that works on my dog..Thanks for the lower price too.

Eleanor B.
Mar 05, 2021

Received in s short time after ordering.

Barbara P.
Mar 04, 2021

Was happy with the price and how fast they were delivered.

Angela L.
Mar 03, 2021

I have been using this product for several years now. I was pleased to have received a very good price on 6 doses. Shipping took a bit longer than I anticipated but it did arrive in time for a dosage.

Angela L.
Mar 03, 2021

I have been using this product for several years now. I was pleased to have received a very good price on 6 doses. Shipping took a bit longer than I anticipated but it did arrive in time for a dosage.

Dennis D.
Mar 03, 2021

Very fast service!

Ronnie W.
Mar 03, 2021

This came faster than I expected, great! I like the flea & tick collars from Seresto, but you only offer this for dogs...I wish you carried it for cats also. I saw Seresto for cats, but only combats fleas, not ticks.

Linda P.
Mar 03, 2021

I was very Leary after having made my purchase that I would ever see the items, once I learned it was an international account. Your ad said it was guaranteed and protected by Norton and a lot of other assurances but I’ve been fooled before by flashy websites promising everything. It was too late I had already placed the order. Then I began the worrying process. Thought for sure this wasn’t going to be legit and I’d lost my money. Surprise! It came very quickly and was exactly what I had ordered. This was the real deal. So I thank you and I will most definitely order from you again.

David D.
Mar 02, 2021

I am a returning customer. I bought two seresto flea and tick collars at a very good price. Even though it shipped from Great Britain, I received the collars in about a week's time.

Rita M.
Mar 02, 2021

I really love the product that I ordered from PetCaresupplies. I got what I needed for my cat. I also got it really quick. Thanks

Lynn M.
Mar 02, 2021

Great price on these collars. Saved me money.

Susan D.
Mar 02, 2021

I love the product for my dog, but it is so expensive from most stores. However, it is very affordable from you!! Thank you!

Mary G.
Mar 02, 2021

The time line in receiving it could be faster

Dawn M.
Feb 28, 2021

Very satisfied

Jonita S.
Feb 28, 2021

I have gotten good service and good products with no hassles

Elizabeth B.
Feb 27, 2021

Always a great place to order for my pets. Love the delivery part. Very good service.

Linda R.
Feb 27, 2021

Great product. Delivered on time Thank you

Michele T.
Feb 27, 2021

Excellent service

William B.
Feb 26, 2021

bought a few flea and tick collars for my dogs and they were delivered timely and same product as sold locally but for half the $$. great deal and will shop here more often than petco and other high $$ places

Helen V.
Feb 26, 2021

Easy oedering and glad to be able to save money!

Randall G.
Feb 26, 2021

Flee collar worked great lasted a long time

Pamela S.
Feb 24, 2021

I received my order quickly. The website is easy to navigate, and the prices are good!

David C.
Feb 24, 2021

Know where to shop again. Best price arrived on time. Keep it up. Rancher David

Susie M.
Feb 24, 2021

Ordered my collar for flea and tick control. Good price and came in a good time considering how bad the weather was.

Lisa T.
Feb 24, 2021

The Dermavet Cream has provided wonderful results in our pet wellness needs. Thank you Pet Care Supplies for answering our calls for information and being efficient.

Doug B.
Feb 24, 2021

I received the order I had placed in a short time frame and it included the total amount of flea/tick doses I ordered, However, the product was not packaged as I thought it would be as I thought the packages actually contained 12 doses each but in fact each package contained 3 doses each that equaled the amount of doses I ordered. I would consider ordering from this company in the future but for less doses.

Jeane H.
Feb 24, 2021

The only collars I can find that work on sand fleas. With as many as I have to buy the price is right. Will be doing business with this company for as long as they are around for my pet meds needs.

Tina S.
Feb 23, 2021

Quick shipping and the best prices!

Suzanne N.
Feb 23, 2021

Product was delivered promptly and as described.

Marilyn K.
Feb 23, 2021

The best price around and fast delivery. it really helps when I have to buy for two dogs.

Phyllis S.
Feb 22, 2021

Great company. Never any problems. Thank you.

Lisa B.
Feb 22, 2021

I ordered a Serresto collar for my lab. It arrived in the mail about a week/ten days later. If you need something delivered sooner this would not be your website. The price was 30-40 dollars less than what I pay retail. I would happily order again.

Mica G.
Feb 20, 2021

Great price and reasonable shipping time.

Sandy S.
Feb 20, 2021

Got what I ordered and quickly!

Chris S.
Feb 18, 2021

good prices

Patty C.
Feb 18, 2021

Very satisfied

Carol V.
Feb 18, 2021

received timely!

Anne E.
Feb 18, 2021

Shipping was very quick. Thank you

Roxanne M.
Feb 18, 2021

Was kinda afraid it wasn't going to be the real thing but it was.

Peggy B.
Feb 18, 2021

Great prices and service.

Irma L.
Feb 18, 2021

Fast service

Amanda V.
Feb 18, 2021

I purchased 2 seresto collars. The price was amazing and they came quickly to the US. I will be ordering again ??

Pat D.
Feb 17, 2021

Great service and great prices. Thank you!!

Paul B.
Feb 17, 2021

Got the items I needed at a great price.

Eleonore C.
Feb 17, 2021

Your product arrived in a timely manner. I have already used it on our cat. Thank you.

Gary N.
Feb 14, 2021

Very glad I found you and will continue to to use your company in the future. Good prices and somewhat fast service

Joe B.
Feb 14, 2021

verry good service

Ali F.
Feb 13, 2021

Pet care has always been professional and cordial to any problems I have..I appreciate the low rate for the flea control for my two pets..thank you

Debbie I.
Feb 12, 2021

We have been purchasing Seresto collars for our Rottie and Papillion for years, from our vet. Petcare has the best price we have found anywhere half the cist of getting from our vet. Delivery is a little slow so order accordingly

Sandra W.
Feb 10, 2021

Best prices around, excellent service and a website that's easy to navigate! Perfect!!

Marlene B.
Feb 10, 2021

As cold as it is in WI, I feel my order should of been brought to my door & knock or ring the bell. I had Frontline delivered & was glad I was home or the liquid would of froze. We are experiencing severe wind chills well below zero.

Donald M.
Feb 10, 2021

Quick delivery, quality product and half price name brand...

Tammi B.
Feb 10, 2021

I was very please with my purchase. Fair pricing and decent shipping time frame

Deborah R.
Feb 10, 2021

All went smoothly.

Paula R.
Feb 09, 2021

Delivery took a little while because product came from overseas. But it was packaged great, excellent price and I’m very satisfied with the product.

Bertha S.
Feb 09, 2021

Thanks for the product

Amy R.
Feb 08, 2021

This is the second time I’ve bought this product. Works great!!! Very pleased!!

Rudy E.
Feb 08, 2021

quick service. Thank you,

Judy M.
Feb 07, 2021

Fast shipping. Lowest price!

Kelly S.
Feb 07, 2021

Best price and came rather quickly. These are the best collars for fleas and ticks

Kym G.
Feb 05, 2021

I have ordered from your company in the past. I'm pleased that your Seresto collars for dogs have come down in price! I received the collar in a timely manner and am pleased with it.

Charles C P.
Feb 04, 2021

Pet Care Supplies offered the best price and the no cost shipping was here only 1 week later. It is a pleasure doing business with them.

Rob G.
Feb 04, 2021

Good deal

Heather S.
Feb 04, 2021

Item arrived quickly and with no issues, at about 1/2 the price of other stores/sites. Thank you! I will order again.

Maria Victoria P.
Feb 04, 2021


Debra S.
Feb 04, 2021

Price is very Reasonable and shipping time was great.

Norman V.
Feb 03, 2021


Dorota H.
Feb 03, 2021

Fast shipping considering it came from the UK. Both products had expiration dates in 2023, very good!

Robert H.
Feb 03, 2021

I was happy with purchase.

Susan Y.
Feb 03, 2021

Product exactly as described with fast shipping that was easy to track. Would recommend to all.

Jenee D.
Feb 02, 2021

Great Experience

Martin W.
Feb 02, 2021


Suzanne O.
Feb 01, 2021

Cats are happy

Joyce E.
Jan 30, 2021

Price was great but shipping took 3 weeks to get to me. ??

Deborah M.
Jan 30, 2021

Took a long time to arrive But better price than others

Gary P.
Jan 29, 2021

Great prices

Devin R.
Jan 27, 2021

My fur babies appreciate you!

Sharon R.
Jan 23, 2021

Easy shopping online. Large selection of products and best prices around

Penny R.
Jan 21, 2021

Great product, fair price. Excellent communication,

Sharon R.
Jan 21, 2021

Love all the different items you offer and prices usually include added discounts

Mark E F.
Jan 21, 2021

Although shipping took longer than anticipated, that was not their fault. The products are very high quality and low prices!

Lyn E.
Jan 20, 2021

Frontline for cats 12 ok. Great price

Stephanie P.
Jan 20, 2021

It took much longer to arrive, but once it did, I was quite satisfied.

Thomas H.
Jan 20, 2021

Love the prices and communication.

Lurlene G.
Jan 17, 2021

I am very pleased especially the price You have the best price i have found anywhere and when your buying for 3 dogs ut helps so much!

John R.
Jan 15, 2021

I received them and thankfull

Jennie B.
Jan 14, 2021

Awesome productat a great price.

Susan L.
Jan 14, 2021

Order was shipped in a reasonable time frame.

Sue F.
Jan 14, 2021

Great price, but very slow shipping with no notification with tracking. We were afraid it would arrive in time for the dogs' next application date

Sandra J.
Jan 13, 2021

Was wondering about it yesterday it arrived yay. Have five small dogs so comes in handy fleas still popping up. So use this and shampoos and grooming technique off and on.

Grace M.
Jan 13, 2021

Petcaresupplies.com really has everything I need for my buddy. I prefer this shopping spot because of the quality of products and on-time delivery of products. As a frequent buyer, I want good deals and discount offers which are always on the table here. Good for my wallet too! Recommend this to every Dog parent.

Todd R.
Jan 11, 2021

Cant beat the price ????

John M.
Jan 10, 2021

Very satisfied

Richard K.
Jan 06, 2021

Amazing how this online pet care store sells top branded supplies and that too at the most affordable rates. Have been loving this store and I do intend to purchase from here for the unforeseeable future.

Kimberly F.
Jan 05, 2021

The shipment took a little longer than expected.

William P.
Jan 04, 2021

Perhaps my expectations were too high, but I'd expected delivery within a week. I didn't know it would be shipped from the UK, or I would have known it would take two weeks. Otherwise the product was precisely the same as I would get in the US, other than the instructions being in English and what appeared t be Flemish.

Elva S.
Jan 04, 2021

The order came sooner than I expected, given the difficulties caused by the virus and fewer workers working. Thank you!

Jean P.
Jan 04, 2021

I have been ordering from Pet Care Supplies for over a year now and I have been very happy with both the company and the product.

Damon M.
Jan 04, 2021

You can't beat these prices. With 6 cats, flea collars get expensive but not when you buy them here.

Florence D.
Dec 31, 2020

Exceptional products and the price range is pretty reasonable as well. Love shopping from PetCareSupplies because it's the best. Thank you guys for the amazing supplies.

Amelia R.
Dec 20, 2020

It's absolutely insane here. Omg, this store is wonderful. The range of products are so wide that it literally took me over an hour to select a flea and tick treatment for my dog and two cats. Plus, the prices are quite affordable especially with the holiday discounts. Thanks guys. Made my day.

Nathan H.
Dec 16, 2020

Good supplies at good prices, and that is why I keep coming back to shop from PetCareSupplies. Thanks a lot. You people are doing a fabulous job!

Diamond E.
Dec 10, 2020

Happy with the supplies, always have been. PetCareSupplies has always delivered quality pet care supplies at the most reasonable rates. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Ashley K.
Dec 04, 2020

There are quite a few reasons why I love shopping from PetCareSupplies. First, the prices are reasonably okay. Second, the delivery time is not bad at all. And third, the quality. The quality of the products are really good and I am happy. Very, very happy.

Marcus W.
Nov 22, 2020

Not many online pet stores out there are providing good discounts on supplies, but you guys are doing amazingly well in that respect. I love shopping from here and its really good.

Kelsey T.
Nov 18, 2020

Been running around trying to get cheap and best pet supplies for my buddy until I came across you guys. This online store is exceptional. Not only are the products reasonably priced, it also has a wider variety, which is always great you know. Love it.

Llyod D.
Nov 10, 2020

I am very satisfied by the supplies I buy from here. They are of amazing quality and they work so well. The Frontline Plus I got the other day, it helped me get fleas off my pet within a few days. So yeah, I love the supplies from PetCareSupplies!

Jason B.
Nov 04, 2020

Only just shopped from here just a few times, but boy oh boy, I have loved this store. Excellent quality products at the most reliable rates. What else do I require?

Nancy W.
Oct 28, 2020

Quality website that sells quality products. Shopping from here is hassle-free and very enjoyable. I like it.

Bridgette S.
Oct 22, 2020

An absolutely extraordinary pet store with a vast array of supplies. You'll always find what you want. Plus, the prices are well within range.

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Oct 13, 2020

Top pet store with a wide range of excellent quality products at reasonable rates. I keep coming back because I just love shopping from here.

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Oct 06, 2020

Great store with a wide collection of supplies for a wide range of pets. Absolutely amazing online pet care store.

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Sep 27, 2020

The customer service staff at Pet Care Supplies are experienced, friendly and always happy to help. I love their advice and the products on the site. Highly recommend visiting PetCareSupplies site yourself. It's worth shopping pet essentials here.

Darlene A.
Sep 24, 2020

Ordered the second time within months and came swiftly...love this company...prices are great

Vincent S.
Sep 16, 2020

Happy with the products I purchased. I will surely come back again to visit. This site is really amazing,

Ghxsxdmnk G.
Sep 15, 2020


Marrie B.
Sep 11, 2020

If there's one online pet store I trust, it's PetCareSupplies! I mean, their products are not only of great quality but cheaper too compared to other stores!

Chrissy D.
Sep 02, 2020

Great pet supplies store. Amazing quality and fairly reasonable. Love all the products that are sold on this website. I am a fan. Truly.

Kyrie S.
Aug 23, 2020

An absolute wonderful pet store that sells quality pet products at the most reliable rates. I have always loved coming to buy from here. You people have an amazing store. Thanks.

Samantha D.
Aug 09, 2020

Really happy with the products from this store. They are of top quality and reasonably priced. Thanks PetCareSupplies for being so awesome.

Krystal I.
Aug 05, 2020

I really prefer shopping online as it’s convenient for a person like me who uses the ecommerce platform. Thank you for your services.

Kylie M.
Aug 03, 2020

Wow I came across this site for the first time and it looks great!

Bernardo W.
Jul 12, 2020

I got my order delivered inside 14 days and I was really happy especially considering the COVID situation and all. Thank you PetCareSupplies for being awesome. My dog really needed the supplies quickly. Thanks once again. I'll recommend you guys to everyone I know who owns a pet.

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Gina B.
Jul 07, 2020

PetCareSupplies has been my go to online pet store for years! And I highly recommend it to other pet parents.

Greg M.
Jul 06, 2020

Prices may beat most sellers, but the delivery time is terrible!

Samantha L.
Jul 06, 2020

I have shopped for my pet from here only. The products sold at affordable rates. Effective products at amazing rates. Worth buying from this website

Powell D.
Jun 25, 2020

Thank you so much! I’m referring you guys to my friends and family!

Reginald S.
Jun 22, 2020

Really impressed with this online pet care store. It has a wide variety of supplies, which is always a blessing at times. I enjoy shopping for my pets from Pet Care Supplies.

Tom K.
Jun 10, 2020

My grandma suggested this site when I adopted a pup just a few months back. And, I tell you this is the best online store that provides products on such lower rates. I couldn't thank you enough to save me a lot.

Leslie W.
Jun 01, 2020

With a wide range of products and categories to pick from, I am in awe of this online pet supplies store. And it's because of this that I tend to always come back here to do my pet shopping when I am low on budget. Guess its high time to switch permanently to online pet shopping.

Lee C.
May 29, 2020

Great choices of high quality supplies. Staff knowledgeable and very helpful!

Kelly W.
May 21, 2020

PetCareSupplies is the best online pet store! With unbeatable prices and free delivery, this tops the list when it comes to ordering online.

Della C.
May 13, 2020

The best prices for Seresto collars anywhere. Save an additional 15% with promo code PETMNG15

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May 10, 2020

Happy with the goods and customer service provided by this awesome pet supplies center. It is heartening to find such genuine and quality stores. Have always enjoyed shopping in bulk from PetCareSupplies. Thank you so much!

Culhane I.
May 06, 2020

The meds I order from here are far better than what my vet used to give. Moreover, even when the times that vet is closed I always have the back of this online store to get pet care supplies for my Kitty.

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Hubry N.
May 01, 2020

My dog, Moonpie is completely healthy all thanks to PetCareSupplies! Now I don't have to worry about him getting infested with fleas.

Gertrude W.
Apr 19, 2020

Pretty amazing online pet healthcare store with loads of categories of products for a wide range of pets. Have really loved my shopping from this store. Good prices and great quality.

Eloise L.
Apr 14, 2020

This ol store is amazing. I don’t give too man 5 star reviews, but they deserve it. My dog absolutely loves stays fine with the medicines I order from here. Their communication and follow up skills is what I highly appreciate.

Robin M.
Apr 13, 2020

Petcaresupplies is still working on my orders and I couldn't be more thankful! This is an incredible online store and I will keep purchasing from them.

Dorian E.
Mar 30, 2020

Always loved my time pet shopping from PetCareSupplies. This online store sells quality goods at the most affordable rates. Truly an awesome pet store.

Lindsey S.
Mar 25, 2020

I have received my order this morning and I would like to thank you for such an easy transaction - good communication, apt delivery, good packaging, but most importantly at such an affordable price.

Patrick S.
Mar 15, 2020

Such a great store with a vast range of quality pet care supplies. Have always loved shopping from this outlet. PetCareSupplies is truly the best, in my honest opinion.

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Mar 09, 2020

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Donnalee K.
Mar 08, 2020

I ordered seresto collar‘s for my dogs and cats .everyone was giving it a terrible review but I have to tell you they worked and they’re great and they’re half-price! I don’t know what kind of collars those people got but I got good ones thank you!

Zoe L.
Mar 03, 2020

Made my first order from here a few weeks ago and finally received the order. The shipment reached a little late but I think it is worth it because the products are of really good quality. I am certainly going to shop again from here.

Melanie J.
Feb 23, 2020

PetCareSupplies is the ultimate online pet store for getting all the pet supplies I need for my cats!

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Feb 18, 2020

Had a very satisfying first-time shopping experience on PetCareSupplies. Pet products are great here. Also, love the easy navigability. Great online store for pets!

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Feb 11, 2020

So when I first tapped into this online store, it was almost unbelievable to see such low prices of products which literally made me doubt the product quality. And to validate that, I ordered just 2 products from here and when I used it on my pet, they turned out to be effective. It was a good experience to get such good medicines for my pet at such lower rates.

Kirk R.
Feb 05, 2020

PetCareSupplies is my most trusted website for any kind of products for my dogs and cat. Reliable brands and cheap prices, what else does a person need!

Lisa M.
Jan 29, 2020

i called them to make sure that they had shipped my order and they shipped it the same day that i ordered it and the gentleman that was on the phone was so nice and very helpful and the products that i odered from them you cant get them any cheaper then on petcaresupplies i am glad that i found petcaresupplies.com

Lisa M.
Jan 29, 2020

i called them to make sure that they had shipped my order and they shipped it the same day that i ordered it and the gentleman that was on the phone was so nice and very helpful and the products that i odered from them you cant get them any cheaper then on petcaresupplies i am glad that i found petcaresupplies.com

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Jan 27, 2020

Relieved to have found a reliable online store for my pets. Two months of shopping from PetCareSupplies and I've already become a fan. Terrific store. Surely, I am shopping from here again.

Ryan S.
Jan 24, 2020

This is my second order with petcaresupplies. We are very happy with the products and services. The order was received as per the mentioned working days. Will continue to order from you.

Martha S.
Jan 16, 2020

One of my friends recommended PetCareSupplies to me and I am forever thankful to him! Thanks to this site, I have found many advanced treatments for my pooch which I didn't know about earlier. Moreover, I am getting the products at cheaper price too!

Adrian H.
Jan 05, 2020

It's always fun to come back and shop from a store that in the past, has given you loads of joy. Pet Care Supplies has certainly given me immense joy over the past few months with stellar offers and discounts. That's one of the primary reasons why I'll keep coming back here for my pet.

Benjamin C.
Dec 26, 2019

I am so glad to shop for pet products at much cheaper rates as compared to other online platforms. But the only thing is their delivery of products is a bit later than expected and I have to wait to receive the products. Anyway, the online store is great otherwise. Its free shipping is a bliss.

Fanny K.
Dec 23, 2019

PetCareSupplies is the most reliable pet store for my doggos as I purchase all treatments from here only.

Oakley W.
Dec 16, 2019

I like reading the blogs on this site. They are crisp and very informational. Some of the blogs have compelled me to purchase products from here, which I had done. And honestly, I was not disappointed. In fact, I plan on shopping from here from now onwards.

Tiara U.
Dec 10, 2019

I like to stay updated about any new products in the market. So, when I was randomly going through this online store, I got to see this new range of Frontline Pet Care. I ordered a Frontline pet care odor control shampoo for my Fido and I loved the refreshing smell it leaves on my pet just after one wash.

Ray M.
Dec 02, 2019

Gotta say, PetCareSupplies has certainly lived up to the expectations! The pet care supplies are of best quality with no adverse reaction on my pooch.

Patrick S.
Nov 25, 2019

Thrilled to have finally found a reliable and reasonable pet store. Product quality is impeccable and the rates are well within my budget. So pleased and happy! Thank you Pet Care Supplies!

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Nov 20, 2019

This is the first time when I have purchased products from this online store based on its reviews posted by others. And to be honest, I can say that the products were good and service was satisfying. Looking out to shop more with you guys! Thanks for the genuine reviews.

Jessie W.
Nov 12, 2019

Awesome store and super amazing products! Also the prices are very affordable so I always rely on PetCareSupplies for my dogs!

Chanelle P.
Nov 03, 2019

I bought a shampoo for my dog and it had a very pungent odor that I had to put on a mask while administering it on my buddy. Though it didn't have a promising first impression on me, it made up for it when after rinsing it made his fur coat glossy and shiny. Ever since that day, I have been getting all my pet supplies from here. Their stuffs are good.

Jordan K.
Oct 31, 2019

Security has always been a major concern while purchasing pet care products online. I have experienced fraud twice and that's the reason I could no more trust any site. But one day when I risked ordering flea treatment for my pet from this online store and had a successful payment as well as received the right product as per the mentioned time that's when I felt PetCareSupplies is reliable site.

Jones L.
Oct 22, 2019

My last order from PetCareSupplies was a little late, but it was worth the wait. Since my cats have gotten used to the products from PetCareClub, I never want to switch to another site as the prices here are unmatchable and the product quality is also top notch.

Bindi S.
Oct 17, 2019

Like always, the services provided by you people were excellent! A big thank you from my three doggies.

Lachlan O.
Oct 13, 2019

This pet store is incredible! The other day I ordered products in bulk and feared it would slash my pockets in half. But to my amazement, I saved a lot. More than I did when I purchased them from the store downtown. Brilliant website!

Jeffrey B.
Oct 10, 2019

Received items on time, happy to deal with you. Thanks.

Nyssa N.
Oct 02, 2019

I've been a regular customer over here, and one of the main reasons why I stick around is because of the quality of the products they sell. I honestly do not mind paying extra as long as I get quality stuff for my pets. This store does not only sell quality products but they do so at discounted rates. That's why I keep coming back. Love it here!

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Sep 24, 2019


Lazarus S.
Sep 23, 2019

Been reasonably satisfied after I received my products from this online store. The packaging was handled with care, the products were very effective on my pet, and prices are fairly priced as opposed to other pet care sites. Overall, this pet store is good and I intend to come back when I need more supplies.

Daniel S.
Sep 18, 2019

Absolutely love this store! Whenever I have purchased products from here, they have always been of top quality and their prices are pretty reasonable too. And not to forget, the delivery is more or less on time, every time.

Nathalie S.
Sep 10, 2019

Been shopping for my pet from here for quite a while now. I honestly love this online store because of the wide array of products on display and the very reasonable prices. I'll always come back to Pet Care Supplies, no matter what! A top, top site for pet care!

Lloyd S.
Sep 03, 2019

This online store is wonderful! I really love the variety of products they sell and that too at extremely affordable rates. Even their delivery has always been on time. I'll always come back and purchase pet supplies from here.

Jacob S.
Aug 29, 2019

I have been shopping for my pets from this site because the products sold here are of great quality. They also happen to sell a wide variety of products, which is good. I like this site and now onwards, I will be shopping from here.

Tim S.
Aug 29, 2019

I'll try this again. Ordered on Aug14th, no supplies on Aug 29th. If I'd have known they shipped from across the pond I'd have paid $2 more for a product that would have arrived in a few days. And expect the review to disappear if it's not at least 4 stars.

Wanda H.
Aug 28, 2019

What a wonderful company. Best price I could on Capstar products. Great customer service. I will be buying here again.

Scott S.
Aug 28, 2019

Placed an order for 2 Seresto collars and received them in the timeframe advertised. I had an issue with performance and contacted customer service to voice my concerns. They asked that I wait a few more days for the collars to reach the required time for the flea cycle. After that period I again was not satisfied with the performance of the collars and re-contacted customer service. They quickly refunded all of the money paid without incident. I have no problem dealing with this company again.

Lexie S.
Aug 23, 2019

Pet Care Supplies is filled with incredible pet supplies for my dog and cat. Since I've switched to online shopping, I trust only this online store. They have top quality products at extremely affordable rates. Whenever I've shopped from here, I've always been highly satisfied. Great pet care site!

Corey P.
Aug 20, 2019

This pet care store is really the best. I've been shopping here for a few months now, and have really liked it a lot. A wide range of products at affordable prices is what this online store is known for. Even the quality is top notch and I really enjoy shopping from here. Great site indeed!

Joanne D.
Aug 16, 2019

I have purchased Frontline Plus and Capstar for my cats. I would use them again, the prices are good compare to others which I did compare them too.

Caroline K.
Aug 14, 2019

I am very pleased with the seresto collar I received a couple of days ago! The area I just moved to has a terrible flea problem, and I'd been trying everything to get rid of them! But in just a couple of days, my dog is flea-free and we are both so happy!!! Thank you!

Joel W.
Jul 28, 2019

The website provides some great pet supplies at affordable rates which is awesome. The prices are way less than other portals.

Brittney S.
Jul 23, 2019

Thank you for making this right

Allison T.
Jul 19, 2019

Went into Petco today to get a very popular flea collar for my dog and it was $89 on yalls website with a promo code it was roughly $30 I believe. Can’t beat that. Thanks!

Rick B.
Jul 03, 2019

I read some awful reviews off this site so i must be one of the lucky ones. I had no problem with my order, the quality of what I ordered or the time it took to get it. I am going to place another order soon and if the results are the same, my next review will be a very high recommendation!

Fredrick C.
Jul 02, 2019

I was struggling with many things in my life and managing my dog's healthcare was one of them. Not long ago my friend recommended me this website and I was shocked to see the prices. This website really helped me to manage my budget.

Chris S.
Jun 26, 2019

Awesome website. Very upfront about costs and what the final price you are paying will be. Ordered a seresto collar and got it in less then a week. I was actually really shocked when I saved 20$ ordering it on here vs. In-store price and receiving it so quickly. Great job petcaresupplies.com and thanks for the speedy shipping

Judi B.
Jun 24, 2019

I ordered 2 of the Seresto flea collars, one for my cat and one for my dog. Received in about 9 days. Locally the cost for one is over 55 plus tax and nobody had them in stock. I have limited income and this saved me about 35. I am very pleased and will order again.

Garry S.
Jun 23, 2019

A nice, cool and simple website. I get most of my dog's health supplies from this site and I have to tell this that these guys are very generous and helpful people.

Carley D.
Jun 18, 2019

Settling down and managing expenses was a tough task in a new city. Moreover, after just a few days of shifting my pup got infected with fleas and ticks. I barely knew any pet store so online shopping was the only option. I had a glance at many sites but all were pricey and had confusing navigation. But, when I came across this site, it was such a relief to finally find an online store for a pet that serves a wide range of products at affordable prices and is also easy to navigate. I highly recommend this site for other pet parents.

Julia V.
Jun 16, 2019

They provide genuine products and some great discounts. I buy products regularly.

Bryson S.
Jun 03, 2019

I am a newly graduate student living on my own terms. So, it becomes a bit hard to manage all the expenses for me and my pup. All I was looking for affordable pet care products and was delighted to find an array of products with free shipping were available for my pooch on this site. This made me their elite customer.

Mary L.
May 25, 2019

I've purchased flea protection products from PetCareSupplies.com several times now. Advantage works great but even better is the excellent customer service and the free shipping. My order comes on time and exactly as ordered. Flea season is here and its a huge relief to have this company to take care of what my cats need and the prices are amazing!

Bridget F.
May 24, 2019

I ordered flea treatment April 14 2019 & still have not received it. & Its now May 24th 2019 However I did call 800-788-2124 a few times and they were super nice and refunded my money. I was afraid it was a scam but I was so wrong. The only complaint I had was there was no tracking number which should have told me if it was delivered. I would Order again when I run out of what I purchased at Sams Club. There are so many scams out there & I have fallen for some of them before but this is not one of them. NOT A SCAM !! Thank You . Bridget Fields.

Walter P.
May 20, 2019

Place my first order 10 days ago I received it today which is around the time that should have gotten here happy with the product thank you so much for fast delivery and a good price if you have not shopped here before I recommend you look at the shipping details on the site says it takes 10 to 14 business days or can take up to 28 days so be smart save money and order ahead

Irish C.
May 16, 2019

This website has been really good to deal with. Everything is done so efficiently and I receive my goods just according to the mentioned delivery period. Not having a vet clinic close that I can stop off on the way home to get health care products for my cats is no more a problem. It is great to shop online from a site that is easy to navigate, has a range of pet care products and also values its customers. Thanks to PetCareSupplies

Jeannie B.
May 14, 2019

Let me say first off I'm not an online order-er. Second I don't like to order from a company I don't know. I was looking for flea treatment at a reasonable price which brought me to this company. I have 6 precious fur babies and live in Florida where fleas are immune to every kind of spray, shampoo and pill. I have spent so much time and money trying to control the pests. So I started looking into the flea collars that work for 8 months and they are super expensive for 6 dogs on other sites. I took the plunge and bought 6 of them from Pet Care. First off they contacted me to make sure my order was right as I was ordering so many of them, while on the phone with them they made sure they had the correct address which I felt was very professional. They explained where the product was coming from that the packaging will be a little different and assured me it was the same product. I was skeptical now, did I make the wrong decision? The collars came just as they said they would and I put them on my babies. With in hours I noticed a difference. The next day I asked my husband how was the dogs and he said "finally they got some rest!" It has been almost a month and still no fleas. This product works well and I will always buy my pet supplies from them. Thank you PetCare for caring and being professional.

Richard B.
May 11, 2019

Great site, great prices, but I was not aware the company is located in the U.K. I ordered cat medication and now I am afraid this order will be held up by U.S. Customs.

Esther S.
May 10, 2019

I gave all five stars!! I'm so happy that I used this wonderful company. It was very easy to order and I received the order exactly twelve days after the day I ordered the product. The purchase went smoothly and my credit card was charged the correct amount. Thank You Pet Care Supplies, I will be ordering again

Annie C.
May 08, 2019

The sudden hair loss of my pet made me feel anxious and I started looking for a solution on the internet and that took me to this amazing website. They know what their customers want. So, It was so easy for me to find the best product for my kitty’s Flea and tick problem. Moreover, the follow-up team was so quick with their verification and assistance that made me feel more secure and happy. Amazing!!!

Melissa X.
May 03, 2019

PetCareSupplies has become an important part of my life. Since the day, I decided to have a furry pal, I knew that I also have to be equally accountable for his hygiene and health. I remember the first online pet shopping experience. It was Capstar for my dog, which I bought it from this website and being the first time customer, their customer relationship team followed up very well with order placement, transaction verification and assured me of a timely delivery. A great satisfaction comes with great experience.

Laura S.
Apr 28, 2019

This company is amazing!! Not only do they give you product at a great price, they have amazing customer service. My cats had reactions to the collars, so I emailed the company and had a refund within days. The only complaint I have is that I never got an email confirming my order, that the product was sent, or a reply when I emailed about the collars. It made me nervous that this might be a scammer site, but THEY ARE NOT. THIS IS A GREAT COMPANY!! THANK U!

Daniel K.
Apr 24, 2019

Just received my first order from PetCareSupplies and I am more than satisfied. The product arrived within the 10-14 day time frame as stated. Well packaged, sealed and the product is exactly as shown. I had emailed a question about my order and was promptly replied to. This is an excellent company to do business with. Courteous and efficient. Thank you—I’ll be ordering all my pet’s products from your company from now on!

Jodi O.
Apr 22, 2019

Excellent customer service. I ordered a package and I was updated through email but there was not a tracking number provided. I called customer service and I was told to wait about 7 to 10 business days. The package arrived within 5 days from the day it was shipped with a holiday in the mix. I will be a returning customer, great prices and great customer service.

Mark D.
Apr 17, 2019

It is not always about just getting the products online but the navigation of the site also matters. I have found this site to be the best by far with the great prices. The site has a power pack combo at affordable prices, easy navigation, and better product selection compared to any other sites. What else do you want? Happy to shop.

Jason O.
Apr 17, 2019

First time customer, will definitely be coming back! Normally I don't shop where there's no PayPal option, but this seller delivered me sealed, FRESH products at a great price- expiration date is 3 YEARS from now, well packed, very pleased with this vendor.

Kane S.
Apr 08, 2019

This site is so easy to access. You get the products easily and transactions also happens without any hassles. Great job guys!

Kelly J.
Apr 01, 2019

You guys are great! Loved the packaging and product was really effective. I can see a lot of improvement in my dog's restlessness ever since I have started using Anxiety TFLN. I am looking forward to buying more stuff from you guys. Thanks!

Jeffery V.
Mar 27, 2019

I am a regular customer and would urge everyone to choose this company because they are affordable and reliable.

Diane S.
Mar 26, 2019

This business is consumer friendly for sure! I ordered online seresto dog collars and 1 fit one dog and the other was too small. I called and didn't have to wait too long for a response from Jacob and he re-ordered a larger collar and I don't have to return the one that did not fit. Very professional and it says a lot about how they care for people and animals. I will do my best to send people they're way.

Murphy C.
Feb 25, 2019

Genuine products at affordable prices what else do you need? I am happy to have come across this website. Thank you

Travis S.
Feb 06, 2019

Its great website that makes branded treatments available to people like us who are struggling with a tight budget.

Nuno G.
Feb 06, 2019

Hi, i make another order of MEDPET EMTRYL in Jan 23, 2019, receive in 5/2/2019 This website works very well Regards Nuno

Suzy S.
Feb 05, 2019

Pet Care Supplies has delivered me from high cost Frontline Plus. I have 13 cats, Frontline Plus is an absolute must, but it was so costly I found a generic, had the same ingredients at the same strength and wasn't that cheap but it was cheaper than brand name, well, the little fur balls all got fleas and brought them in the house, Immediately went to Frontline but kept looking for someone who could sell Frontline Plus for less and I found Pet Care Supplies. Godsend for me, these cats have to have flea coverage for their welfare and ours as well. It has taken months to rid our home of fleas, so much for the generic. I order online which is simple, I just order with enough time so the product gets here in plenty of time, plus over the last couple of months they offer discounts of varying degrees, so I'm 100% satisfied, no question.

Gordon W.
Feb 04, 2019

The website is awesome and the people behind are truly amazing I had a talk with them recently regarding delivery and they helped me in a really great way.

Phyllis K.
Feb 01, 2019

I just received frontline flea and tick medicine for cats. After all the bad reviews that I had read, I was worried about the order. However the order arrived promptly and exactly as ordered. I will definitely be ordering more from this company.

Chris C.
Jan 28, 2019

Got my flea treatment for half of what I would have payed locally here in the USA. I was not aware that the product was coming from the UK. It arrived in perfect condition. I will buy from again, I know now to allow an extra week or so for shipping. Thanks again.

Famoso X.
Jan 23, 2019


Garry R.
Jan 23, 2019

I ordered a flea and tick treatment from this site and that was a pretty cheap, genuine and great product. I recommend this website always.

Howard W.
Jan 10, 2019

A great website seriously. I am shopping with them for years now and they have never given a single chance to complain. I am happy what can I say more.

Romeo P.
Nov 23, 2018

I used to buy my Ruffalo’s flea and heartworm preventives from the vet office but when I came across this website, I was surprised because these people were selling the same products at much cheaper rates and that too with free shipping. I now order my dog’s health care supplies regularly from this website. I just shopped and they literally have some amazing discounts on black Friday

Brenda E.
Nov 05, 2018

The product arrived within 2 weeks (from Great Britain) There was a small fee from my bank for an overseas transaction, but the savings on the product more than made up for it. I am happy with my order and have saved their website to my favorites for any future purchases I may need for my pets.

Ginger J.
Nov 03, 2018

Awesome website just had a chat with their customer service executive and he diligently helped me with my queries and concerns, it was a long but satisfying call. Great service and affordable products.

Tyler W.
Oct 27, 2018

Good website. I was a bit reluctant on using this website but then my colleague insisted that I should at least try this website once. As a result, I bought a flea and tick treatment which I received the product on time. From then, I became a regular customer.

Payton P.
Oct 09, 2018

Good people, good products and good pricing, this website has got everything you desire for in a website for online shopping.

Sharon O.
Oct 05, 2018

Even though I chose Frontline Plus for cats - with the full color packaging - I received Frontline Plus in the grey/white/green package, direct from England. At first I was pissed that I had not gotten the product I chose, but I changed my mind after reading the active ingredients of each product. The Frontline Plus from England has more of the main active ingredients, and additional beneficial ingredients. AND, waaaay cheaper than WalMart. I will definitely order from PetCareSupplies again!

Ronald D.
Sep 07, 2018

I have been able to purchase an effective flea and lice product like Advantage for my beloved dog Tom from Pet Care Supplies at a rate which is 10 times cheaper in comparison to my local medical store. This has encouraged me to purchase Advantage and other such similar products from Pet Care Supplies itself rather than investing my faith in any other options. Thank you Pet Care Supplies for making quality products available at the least possible prices along with free shipping.

David J.
Aug 27, 2018

Pet Care Supplies is certainly the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to purchase quality products at discounted rates with free shipping available on all orders as well. The money back guarantee, on the other hand, is certainly the icing on the cake.

James T.
Aug 06, 2018

I have always purchased all the products necessary for my dog Robin from Pet Care Supplies because of the amazing discount offers on quality products. The website is certainly a pet lover’s delight.

Eden J.
Jul 27, 2018

Pet Care Supplies does a very good job at making a customer feel welcome and comfortable while indulging in any purchases. This along with the supreme quality of the products being sold makes me quite confident that they are the best in the business.

Shannon C.
Jul 15, 2018

Frontline Plus worked fine. I was nervous after reading reviews but I researched Merial, it arrived in 5 days, AND she's not itching anymore. Fyi, Halfway House South Africa is not some rural poverty stricken area with no access to "real" pharmacy or Big Companies. They have an Auctual Merial just like the one we are familiar with in France. I checked. 3 frontline plus " Merial" brand for under $20? I will Definetly buy again.

Elaine G.
May 22, 2018

This is my first purchase from you but you came highly recommended from my daughter. I like what I see so far.

Sandy P.
May 13, 2018

Thank you very much for having such an easy way to order my pet supplies and at the best prices!! I am a first time customer and will definitely be recommending this site to all my friends. And I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Johnnie E.
May 06, 2018

My order arrived on Friday, May 4th, in excellent shape. Thank you for making it possible for us pet owners to get quality products for our beloved pets at a reasonable price.

Faustina B.
May 04, 2018

Thanks for great deal on pet supply and for the Norton shopping guarantee.

Lorraine C.
May 02, 2018

I have been dealing with PetCareSupplies.com for a number of years and want to thank you for the extra security provided by Norton. I have also recommended your company to my granddaughter who has two cats of her own.

Felix W.
May 01, 2018

All my pet hygiene products come from PetCareSupplies. I really like the Kyron Eye Wash and Pet Dent Oral Rinse which work much better than other products in the market and are gentle. The experience has been great so far. Hopefully, it will continue to be so in future as well.

Johnnie E.
Apr 28, 2018

Your effort to instill in your customer’s "a feeling of honest business practices” is greatly appreciated, especially in this day and age where there are so many scams and lying running rampant.

Johnnie E.
Apr 25, 2018

Your effort to instill in your customers a feeling of honest business practices is greatly appreciated, especially in this day and age where there are so many scams and lying running rampant.

Bruce M.
Apr 25, 2018

In my work I have to travel a lot from one state to another which makes it difficult for me to spend time with my pet and look after her. I once took her along in a flight and she was so anxious and restless due to fear that I dropped the idea. However, a couple of months back I purchased anxiety relief from your site. It has proved so effective that I have started taking her along again and she doesn't get scared once I dose her with it. Such a relief! Thank you petcaresupplies that you sell such a great product. My life has become easy.

James M.
Apr 12, 2018

Love the site. They have the best products available at the cheapest prices. I have actually started saving a lot from my salary which I used to burst out on my pet maintenance, earlier. Thank you for being so budget-friendly.

Evelyn G.
Apr 02, 2018

I am an avid buyer of this site. Love the range of products they have. I get shampoos, dental kits, flea and tick treatments or worming tablets. It sells almost everything except food. They even have good supplements which I have purchased twice and loved the way it worked on my pet’s joints. Would appreciate if they could include pet food as well which will make it easier for me to place the complete supplies order from just one site.

Kim S.
Mar 27, 2018

Petcaresupplies have been the most trusted site for years now. Now even my kids have started purchasing their pet products from this reliable site. Never faced any issues and even if there were one or two, was solved by the customer executives immediately on my call. I swear by the products and their services. Will continue to suggest to other people as well.

Sam W.
Mar 24, 2018

I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the supplies and their effectivity. Have saved big on pet products due to the affordability of the drugs. They are always on discounts. PetCareSupplies is my favourite site to shop for pets online.

Mike C.
Mar 14, 2018

Just what I wanted! Branded products at affordable prices. Now I order mostly from Pet Care Supplies because it is fast, reliable and maintains quality. and there are no extra shipping charges.

Kristen W.
Mar 07, 2018

I recently ordered three products from pet care supplies for the first time. Was stunned by the prices. The complete order costed me just half the price of what I used to buy from my local store. The cheapest yet branded products I have come across till yet. It is definitely a great site. Excited to place my next order.

Andrew A.
Mar 02, 2018

I have been an old customer of Pet Care Supplies. They provide the best products along with free shipping facility. I always take care that I order beforehand as the products take a while to be delivered. It works for me and I am sure it would work for you. Amazing site!

Patricia G.
Feb 27, 2018

Like many of the pet parents, I was looking for a site which offered branded products at reasonable rates. It took some researching to do but I am glad I found Pet Care Supplies at the right time. My cat was facing a lot of problems due to fleas and so I ordered Program. It helped me save my cat from these parasites. Thank you, Pet Care Supplies!

Kris K.
Feb 23, 2018

I bought frontline plus for my love one. I reacievd after 15 days, but the product was amazing at cheap price. Thank you petcaresupplies.com

Jasmine M.
Feb 06, 2018

I have a Lab that was infested with ticks. (she’s 13 God Bless her) Bought kiltix collar for her and she is happy now with no itching. I can put the collar easily around her unlike other treatments and it’s real easy to put. I think this is a great product.

Ellen .
Jan 29, 2018

I have purchased only two products from this website for my cat. One is Program which is a flea control treatment. It has helped my cat a lot to kill those nasty and irritating fleas. Second I bought Protexin Pro-kolin+ when my cat was suffering from stomach problem which turned into diarrhea. Both the product has impressed me with its effect. I can honestly say that petcaresupplies take perfect care of pets.

Bella W.
Jan 13, 2018

I am a customer of Petcaresupplies since last 2 years and it has never upset me regarding the quality of the product. It has played a major role in my dog’s health. Now, one more pet is added to my family that is a 6 month old kitty. She is just six months old but quite active. Because of her active behavior she falls often and injures herself. But I don’t have to worry at all. I just jump to petcaresupplies and order the wound repair product ‘’Dermavet’’ and it’s done. I am immensely satisfied with the product quality, its efficacy, and prompt service.

Simon P.
Dec 18, 2017

It’s altogether a great experience with Pet Care Supplies. I made my first purchase in 2015. Since then I am a regular buyer from this site for my dog’s well being. Barring few late deliveries, I have no reason to complain. I am getting the best of the pet products at such a low prices. With branded pet supplies at cheap prices and fine customer service to help you out in any case, what more to expect? I am happy to partner with you for my pet’s needs. Thanks

Kevin W.
Nov 10, 2017

My journey with Pet Care Supplies goes back to 2016 Black Friday Sales. I was new to the site then. Like many pet parents, I was looking for a pet site, which offers branded pet care products at affordable prices. I made my first purchase during that sale and bought 2 packs of Frontline Plus for my doggy Brendon. It’s 2018 and with many deliveries in between I can say now that I made the right decision then.

Rowland B.
Oct 07, 2017

My dog had flea Infestation and I am tired to find the perfect product to kill fleas. One of my friends suggested me to buy flea and tick treatment from pet care supplies site. I am so happy with the service and the quality of the product from this website. I tried the first dose of the frontline plus to control the flea Infestation and literally after few hours fleas were gone from dog. I recommended others to purchase pet product from this website.