The Herbal Pet Joint Formula

The Herbal Pet Joint Formula for Dogs

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The Herbal Pet Joint Formula for Pets

The Herbal Pet Joint Formula is a herbal joint care supplement that promotes joint health in pets. It is a mixture of all vegan ingredients that include herbs as well as essential vitamins and minerals to support a variety of joint conditions in both growing and older pets. The formula offers nutritional support to bones and joints and alleviates pain and stiffness. It is recommended for use in pets of all breed sizes.

How does it work?

Joint Formula contains Devil&rsquo's claw, MSM, Glucosamine, Chia seeds, Fenugreek, and Seaweed meal. Devil&rsquo's claw improves mobility by reducing stiffness.MSM maintains joint health and supports recovery from exercise. Glucosamine's anti-inflammatory effects reduce joint swelling and pain. Chia seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids that aid in joint tenderness, and discomfort and reduce inflammation. Fenugreek's anti-oxidant properties support healthy joints and Seaweed meal supplements vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.


Devil's claw, Glucosamine, MSM, Fenugreek, Chia seeds, Seaweed meal

  • Herbal supplement
  • Easy to administer formula
  • Contains all vegan components
  • Supports pets with various joint conditions
  • Provides essential nutrition
  • Alleviates pain and manages joint discomfort
  • Offers essential nutrition
  • Reduces bone and joint stiffness
  • Helps pets with rheumatic conditions
  • Give The Herbal Pet Joint Formula should to pets orally by mixing it with their meals. Alternatively, it can be administered with your pet’s favourite treat as well.

Refer to the dosage table below for accurate dosage administration:

Pet Size

Pet Weight

Joint Formula Dosage

Small Pets

Under 22lbs (<10kg)

1/2 teaspoonful

Average Pets

22.1 – 44lbs (10 – 20kg)

1 level teaspoonful

Large Pets

44.1– 88lbs (20 – 40kg)

1 heaped teaspoonful (5g)

Giant Breeds

Over 88lbs (>40kg)

2 heaped teaspoonfuls (10g)

  • One 200g tub lasts for 40 days on a large-size dog.
  • Not recommended for pets with ulcers or gallstones
  • Do not give to pregnant pets
  • Avoid using jointly with blood thinning treatments or NSAIDs
  • In case of adverse reaction, stop using immediately and contact a vet
  • Not to be substituted with other veterinary products

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    I prefer this joint care over all other productas. It is really effective! .

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