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DAP (Adaptil) Spray for Dogs

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DAP (Adaptil) Spray Spray

Pack Size
60 Ml
$ 28.37
DAP (Adaptil) Spray for Dogs
  • DAP Spray for Dogs

    DAP Adaptil Spray is the best product to calm your dog naturally. It helps to comfort and reassure dogs in times of stress. The synthetic copy of natural canine appeasing pheromone supports dogs in the most stressful conditions. The use of adaptil spray helps to completely stop the stress-related behavior such as:

    • Urination
    • Whimpering and whining
    • Chewing
    • Anxiety
    • Barking

    How D.A.P Spray works on dogs?

    DAP Spray has been formulated with artificial female hormones. It mimics the natural pheromones of dogs to reduce anxiety. It calms dogs of all ages and stops undesirable stress-related behavior.


    Synthetic pheromones


  • Benefits
    • Helps to reduce stress and anxiety
    • Relaxes dogs and puppies when they are stress
    • Helpful when dogs are being alone in house
    • Aids in stressful situations such as new pet or family member, adjusting to a new environment, visits to the veterinarian, moving to a new home, or thunderstorms or fireworks
    • Nontoxic and odorless
    • Appeasing Spray for up to four weeks
    • Easy to use plug-in module
  • Directions
    • Remove the bottle cap.
    • Screw spray onto the bottle and gently tighten.
    • Plug into an electric socket.
    • Place the spray in the room most used by dogs during the day.
    • Coverage area: 500 to 650 sq. ft.
      One vial lasts approximately four weeks.
  • Safety
    • Will not affect humans and other pets.
    • Safe to use for dogs.
    • Avoid contact with skin. In case of contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water.
    • In case contact with eyes, immediately wash your eyes with water and seek doctor’s advice.
    • Keep out of reach of children.


    • Do not cover it when in use.
    • During or immediately after use do not touch the device with hands.
    • Do not touch the device when plugged in.


    No contraindications found of using this product.

DAP (Adaptil) Spray for Dogs
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Comforted my dog
Mar 25, 2017

We had a very anxious Greyhound and she hated being left alone. This product worked very well to change that and appeared to comfort her.

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Great Product!
Feb 28, 2017

DAP Diffuser is a great product for your pet.

32 of 64 found this review helpful.
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