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Pet Dent Oral Rinse

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Pet Dent Fresh Breath Oral Rinse for Dogs/Cats

Pet Dent Fresh Breath Oral Rinse is an ideal mouth rinse for dogs and cats. Used in between brushing, the oral rinse helps to prevent plaque and tartar formation. It helps clean teeth and fights bad odor. This pleasant-tasting sugar and alcohol free rinse is the first choice of vets. This palatable rinse is highly beneficial in the treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases.

The dental product is safe to use on pets.

How Pet Dent Breath Oral Rinse works on dogs/cats?

Pet Dent Fresh Breath Oral Rinse contains chlorhexidine and other synergistic ingredients for total dental health. The ingredients slow down the progression of caries, reduce plaque formation and leave your pet with a fresh breath. It helps to fight back odor forming bacteria and helps maintain oral hygiene.


  • Chlorhexidine gluconate
  • Zinc gluconate
  • Calcium glycerophosphate
  • An ideal mouth rinse for dogs and cats
  • Highly palatable and easy to use in between brushing
  • Helps control formation of tartar and plaque
  • Stops bad breath and leaves mouth fresh
  • Sugar and alcohol free rinse is safe for dogs and cats
  • Use daily after meals or as directed by the veterinarian.
  • Gently lift the upper lip and squeeze the bottle to apply PET DENT Fresh Breath Oral Rinse to the gums.
  • Ensure that sufficient Rinse is applied to the gums to trickle down over both upper and lower sets of teeth.
  • Can be used between brushings or after an oral procedure as an aid to oral hygiene.
  • For animal use only.
  • Store it away from kids and children.
  • Keep it in a dry place.


No adverse effects have been recorded.    

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  • Cookie
    Safe oral rinse
    Jun 11, 2021

    Safe to use dental care oral rinse for my little ball of fur.

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  • Cookie
    Best Oral Care Product
    Mar 08, 2021

    This is by far the best oral care product I have gotten till today. Few of the other I was using were not able to reduce the bad breath problem and I was in search for a better one. I am glad this found.

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  • Cookie
    Cost Effective Prices.
    Dec 25, 2020

    This is truly a great website. It saves me from driving twenty miles to the vet and the products I purchased were cheaper! Thank you and I will definitely be ordering from you again.

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  • Cookie
    easy to use
    Nov 13, 2020

    it is quite easy to use. simple squeeze and it is done.

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  • Cookie
    GOOD used it before
    Oct 21, 2020

    GOOD used it before and will continue to use it for our dogs

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