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Deworming is an essential step for the health of dogs and cat, especially when they are puppies and kittens. It is saves them from infection due to gastrointestinal worms. Panacur is a broad spectra oral worming solution suitable for adult dogs, cats as well as puppies and kittens. The worming treatment is composed with Fenbendazol that works against various internal worms including roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms and even lungworms. It is an easy to administer wormer is safe for pregnant cats and dogs. Panacur granule tablet can be administered daily or once in two to three months based on pet’s age and condition.


Panacur granule 1.8 g is an oral wormer for cats and dogs. It is broad spectra worming treatment that aids different gastrointestinal worms including roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms. It is also useful in treating lungworms and eradicates immature roundworms and tapeworms. Panacur is safe for pregnant cats and dogs. It treats prenatal infection of Toxocara in pregnant felines and canines and avoid it transfer through milk to pups and kittens.




MSD Animal Health
  • Used for the control of internal parasites
  • Treats and controls of ascarids (Toxocara cati, Toxascaris leonina), hookworms (Ancylostoma spp.)
  • Effective in the treatment of roundworms and tapeworms in cats, dogs, kittens and puppies
  • Also effectively treats lungworms in cats and dogs
  • Treats weaned puppies and kittens infected with gastrointestinal nematodes
  • Panacur has no side effects in animals.
  • According to the bodyweight of the animal administer the treatment.
  • Should be administered orally by directly mixing it with food.
  • The standard dosage for dogs and cats is 100 mg per 2.2lbs.

Practical dosage recommendations:

  • 1 g sachet /dose: Treats 2kg (4.4lb) bodyweight as a single dose (1.1 – 2.2kg)
  • 1.8 g sachet / dose: Treats 4kg (8.8lb) bodyweight as a single dose (2.2 – 4.4kg)
  • 4.5 g sachet /dose: Treats 10kg (22lb) bodyweight as a single dose (5 – 10kg)
  • Store away from direct reach of children and pets.
  • Keep it in a cool and dry place.
  • Wash hands after use.
  • For veterinary use only.


  • Not recommended to use on animals hypersensitive to the product.

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  • Cookie
    Terrific product
    Aug 02, 2023

    Panacur granules are terrific! And thank you pet care supplies for the great services!

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  • Cookie
    Definitely works well
    Sep 15, 2022

    Easy to give, superb worming product

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  • Cookie
    Best worming granules
    Jul 19, 2022

    Worked perfectly for my dog June.

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  • Cookie
    My go-to wormer for my dogs
    Apr 26, 2022

    My go-to wormer for my dogs

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    Apr 21, 2022

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