Mobiflex Mobility Joint Supplement

Mobiflex Mobility Joint Supplement for Cats 60 Tablets (1 Pack)

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Mobiflex Mobility Joint Supplement for Dogs & Cats

Mobiflex Mobility Joint Supplement is the best joint support product for dogs and cats. The oral treatment helps in treating joint issues in pets. It lowers the risk of arthritis and age-related joint issues in adult dogs/cats. It helps improve mobility and agility in aging dogs. The joint supplement relaxes stiffed joints, lowers joint pain and inflammation. It treats cartilage damage and help in recovery joint injuries. It supports optimal joint function and protects joints from daily wear and tear. The oral supplement is highly beneficial for senior dogs/cats and prevents joint issues in aging dogs and cats.


Mobiflex Mobility Supplement is specially designed to keep joint health in dogs and cats at optimal. The joint supplement is developed with high quality natural ingredients specially designed to address joint problems in pets. The active ingredients aid to the functioning of joint health and supports cartilage buildup. The oral formula is safe to be given daily and can be used for long term.


  • GlycOmega PLUS Green Lipped Mussel Powder
  • Glucosamine hydrochloride
  • Chondroitin sulphate
  • MSM


  • Specially recommended for joint health in dogs and cats
  • Reduces joint pain and non-infectious inflammation
  • Helps lowers the signs of arthritis in dogs and cats
  • Prevents joint related issues in aging dogs/cats
  • Improves mobility and agility
  • Safe to use for dogs and cats
  • Should be given orally.
  • Administer it according to dog/cat body weight.
  • Give it orally directly into the mouth
  • Can be crushed and added to food
  • Ensure the whole dosage is taken.

Dosage for Cats:

  • Administer 1 tablet daily for the first week.
  • Then reduce the dosage to ½ tablet daily for maintenance.

Dosage for Dogs:

  • Dogs below and up to 44 lbs should be given 2 tablets daily for the first week and then reduce the dosage to 1 tablet daily as maintenance dosage.
  • Dogs above 44 lbs should be given 4 tablets daily for the first week and then reduce the dosage to 2 tablets daily as maintenance dosage.
  • Close the container tightly.
  • Keep the pack away from damp places.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • For veterinary use only.

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  • Cookie
    smart choice
    Nov 17, 2019

    it's a smart choice for my pet's joint health.

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  • Cookie
    joint tablets
    Sep 15, 2019

    Previously i was using local brand and recently turned to this brand. Can see the difference on my furry pal. full five stars for this.

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  • Cookie
    Improves Mobility
    Aug 01, 2019

    Ever since I have started feeding these tablets to my kitty her movements have improved drastically.

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  • Cookie
    A good Supplement
    Mar 26, 2018

    I have 2 adorable cats that love to play a lot. Although they are usually quite lively, 3 weeks back I noticed that one of them has stopped indulging much with her other companion. I was a little skeptical about the situation. Then I found that she had been feeling little weak and uneasy due to joint pain. I purchased Mobiflex to improve her condition and it did work quite upto my expectation. I can see her playing again like earlier.

    67 of 134 found this review helpful.
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  • Cookie
    Mar 26, 2018

    My kitty smokey had ruptured her knee cartilage while trying to jump off from a high cupboard onto the low lying table. On my vet's advice, I gave her Mobiflex which has improved her hind leg that was badly hurt. She is now able to walk properly.Mobiflex has worked well. It is certainly a good product.

    72 of 138 found this review helpful.
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