Milprazon Worming Chewable

Milprazon Worming Chewable For Dogs Over 11lbs

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Milprazon Chewable Tablets for Dogs and Puppies — Broad-Spectrum Worming Treatment

Milprazon is a broad-spectrum wormer for the treatment and control of mixed infections by the major intestinal worms in dogs and puppies.  It has been formulated with the combination of two active ingredients, milbemycin oxime and praziqyantel in a highly palatable tablet form. This flavored tablet is effective against immature and adult cestodes (Dipylidium caninum – Tapeworm) and nematodes (Ancylostoma caninum – Hookworm), (Toxocara canis - Roundworm), (Trichuris vulpis- Whipworm), (Crenosoma vulpis- Lungworm), (Thelazia callipaeda- Eyeworm) and infections caused by these parasites such as Taenia spp., Echinococcus spp., Mesocestoides spp., Toxascaris leonina , and Angiostrongylus vasorum.

Milprazon worming tablets can also be used in the prevention of heartworm disease (Dirofilaria Immitis) and it is safe and effective for dogs and puppies from 2 weeks of age and weighing 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) or more. The product can also be used in breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs.

Read more: Due to the identical active ingredients (praziquantel and milbemycin oxime), Milprazon Chewable Tablets is regarded as the best Milbemax Worming Tablets alternative.


Milbemycin oxime, Praziquantel

  • Broad-spectrum wormer for major intestinal worms and infections
  • Treatment of mixed infections caused by adult and immature cestodes and nematodes
  • Treats and controls roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms
  • Prevention and control against heartworm disease and lungworms
  • Designed in a highly palatable flavored tablet for easy administration
  • Suitable for dogs and puppies (including breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs)
  • Weigh your dog to ensure appropriate dosing
  • Please refer to the dosage table before administering the tablet
  • The tablet should be given in a single dose
  • You can either mix it with food or administer it directly into mouth after meals


  • Minimum recommended dose rate: 0.5 mg of milbemycin oxime and 5 mg of praziquantel per kg are given once orally.
  • Depending on the bodyweight of the dog, the practical dosing is as follows:

Body weight

Tablets for small dogs and puppies

Tablets for dogs

0.5 – 1 kg (1.1-2.2 lbs)

1/2 tablet


>1 – 5 kg (2.2-11 lbs)

1 tablet


>5 – 10 kg (11.0-22 lbs)


2 tablets


>5 - 25 kg  (11.0-55.1 lbs)



1 tablet

>25 – 50 kg (55.1-110.2 lbs)



2 tablets

>50 – 75 kg  (110.2-165.3 lbs)



3 tablets

  • For animal treatment only
  • Store in the original package in order to protect from moisture
  • Keep out of the sight and reach of children

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  • Cookie
    Best buy ever
    Oct 11, 2022

    This worming treatment is the best ever buy for us. Quick results and worked in removing all the infectious worms.

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  • Cookie
    Aug 30, 2022

    Best chewable for getting rid of worms.

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  • Cookie
    Prompt delivery
    Aug 30, 2022

    Was delivered on time, thanks!

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