Dermavet for Dogs

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Dermavet Cream For Dogs

Wounds in dogs easily gets infected, and sometimes even causes severe skin conditions, when ignored. DermaVet – a clinically approved antiseptic and anti-inflammatory cream heals wounds faster and provides great relief from itching conditions. This specially formulated cream for dogs is highly effective for various dermatological conditions including slow healing wounds, cuts, lesions, ear infections and septic abrasions.

DermaVet Cream for Dogs:

An excellent topical application, DermaVet cream is efficient in treating various types of dermatological conditions. It is also helpful in treating acute and chronic ear infections. This EPA approved product heals faster, and provides quick relief from skin disorders such as lesions, wounds, bacterial infections, and inflamed skin conditions in dogs.    

Its unique formulation helps in treating eczematous and seborrheic dermatitis apart from interdigital cysts and anal gland infections. The properties of antiseptic remove infection and the effect of steroid ingredient lowers itching, which discourages dogs from scratching or licking the wound.


Cipla Vet
  • DermaVet cream is an ultimate solution for bacterial infections.
  • It also heals moist and dry dermatitis and eczema and parasitic infestation.
  • An antipruritic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial cream, DermaVet gives relief from numerous skin conditions.
  • This topical antibiotic cream provides long-lasting and rapid symptomatic relief from wounds and skin infections.
  • On the severity of the wound, Dermavet cream is applied.
  • Before application, remove any pus or encrusted discharge and clean the infected area with antiseptic lotion.
  • Apply Dermavet cream in a thin film.
  • For mild inflammation, apply once a day or once a week or according to vet’s advice.
  • Spread the cream liberally over the entire wound surface.


  • Apply DermaVet as often as two or three times daily for severe wound conditions. Reduce the number of applications as the wound starts healing.
  • For dog’s ear infection, properly clean the ear with cotton wool and then apply the cream with the of ear buds.
  • If the dog is suffering from infected anal glands or cystic infection, first drain the gland or cyst properly and then fill the wound with the cream. 
  • Keep it away from children, pets and food items.
  • Store it at room temperature and avoid contact with excessive temperature (104 F).
  • DermaVet cream should be used externally only.
  • Wear gloves or wash hands after application of the cream on your dog.


  • Avoid DermaVet in dogs that are in the last trimester of pregnancy, as it contains corticosteroids.
  • Avoid using DermaVet in puncture wounds, deep incisions and abscesses or deep-seated infections including inflammation of lymphatic vessels.
  • If no improvement is seen in wound conditions within 10 days of regular use of DermaVet, visit your vet.


  • DermaVet cream is not recommended for ophthalmic use.
  • No scientific proof is available for the use DermaVet cream in pregnant and lactating bitches. 
  • Regular dosage should not be exceeded without vet’s prescription.