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Covid-19 ALERT


Due to the unprecedented chaos created by COVID-19 Virus, we have started experiencing delays in order deliveries. This is due to lockdowns and restriction in movements across the globe which has led to a reduction in flights carrying mail. Until some of these flight restrictions are lifted, delays will continue as there are limited number of planes available for carrying Cargo.

Since we ship orders from our warehouse located outside the USA, our shipping partners have advised us that the orders are taking upwards of 3-5 weeks for deliveries. You might get your order earlier than 3 weeks as well.

We have sufficient stock and are dispatching orders as soon as we receive them, however, this delay is a worldwide phenomenon due to the shortage of flights to carry mails. Also note that there are regional and state wise lockdowns which are being implemented by the hour, which are further delaying the processing and last mile of deliveries.

These are not normal times and this situation is likely to continue for some time. We suggest that if you need the product urgently, buy one dose locally but do not cancel your order because wherever else you buy online you may find similar delays.

Thank you and Stay Safe

Customer Care Team.