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CleanEar for Dogs

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  • CleanEar Ear Cleaning Solution

    CleanEar ear cleaning solution is an organic formula that helps in removing excess wax and debris without causing harm to sensitive ear canals of dogs and cats. The organic acids gently lower the ear pH and helps to keep ears dry and odor free. This non-medicated solution is an effective ear cleaning solution for pets with hairy ear canals.

    CleanEar drops are safe for both cats and dogs.

    How CleanEar works on dogs?

    The active ingredients present the ear cleaner works to break the debris and wax build up, and help to remove them easily. The ingredients - Propylene glycol and docusate sodium help to dry out the ear tissues, and also to dissolve and remove wax and other secretions. It is also helpful in using before applying medicated ear drops. It facilitates to remove excess wax buildup in dogs having very heavy hairy ear canals.


    Organic acids, Propylene glycol, Docusate suspended in an aqueous base


    Kyron Labs
  • Benefits
    • Helps remove dead tissues, debris and excess wax
    • Maintains ear pH level
    • Discourages growth of bacteria
    • Keeps ears dry and moisture free
    • Controls ear odor
  • Directions
    • Pour few drops into the ear canal and massage ears gently to assist breakup of debris.
    • Use a cotton wool swab to remove all excess wax and debris.
    • Never use human ear-buds to clean dog or cats ears.
  • Safety
    • Store it in a cool and dry place.
    • Keep it away from children and pets.
    • Close the container after use.
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Works well and has a nice pleasant scent
Mar 25, 2017

Your cat may or may not like the cleaning process, but will be very happy with the clean ears afterwards

39 of 78 found this review helpful.
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Great Product!
Feb 13, 2017

CleanEar is a great product for your pet.

42 of 81 found this review helpful.
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