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Capstar for Small Dog 11mg 2-25 lbs Blue

Pack Size
6 Tablet
12 Tablet

Capstar Large Dog 57 mg 25.1-125 lbs Green

Pack Size
6 Tablet
12 Tablet

Capstar for Dogs Flea Treatment Tablets

Fleas are the most common parasites that cause illness in dogs. Capstar is an effective formula for eliminating fleas from your dog. Acting within 30 minutes of administration, this flea treatment kills fleas and protects your dog from flea-infested diseases.

How Capstar for Dogs Works?

Capstar flea pill for dogs is an exceptionally quick solution for treating fleas within minutes. Just one dosage protects your dogs against flea infestation. Easy to administer, these tablets work as short-term treatment and provide immediate relief from fleas. The powerful ingredient Nitepyram in Capstar acts as neurotoxin and blocks neural messages through parasites central nervous system, which results in death.

When fleas are visible on your dog, Capstar is the best option. Treat your dog with Capstar and within few minutes, fleas start falling down from pets’ body. During the first few hours of administration, excessive itching may be seen in dogs, which will slow down after sometime.


  • Capstar is a fast-acting flea treatment
  • Works well when given any time when the fleas are visible on the pet’s body
  • Highly effective as starts killing fleas within 30 minutes of administration
  • Kills about 100% fleas within 7 hours of treatment
  • In tablet form, it is easy to administer and can be given directly into pet’s mouth or mixed with food
  • Suitable to administer in 4 weeks and older puppies
  • Beneficial for pregnant and nursing dogs
  • Before buying a pack, it is important to weigh your pet on basis of which you can select the right pack.
  • Administer one tablet directly into dog’s mouth or mix with feed. Make sure that your dog eats the whole dosage.
  • One tablet per day is a standard dosage. If you have more than one pet, treat all of them to prevent infections from the surrounding animals.
  • Capstar can be given at any time of the day, when fleas are observed.
  • You can continue the dose, whenever re-infestation occurs.
  • Capstar is for 4 weeks and older puppies and dogs. It also works for pregnant and nursing females.

Dosage chart:

Weight of the dog

Capstar dose

1 – 11 Kg

1 tablet Capstar 11.4 mg

11.1 – 57 Kg

1 tablet Capstar 57 mg

>57 Kg

2 tablets Capstar 57 mg

  1. Keep out of reach of children, pets and edible items.
  2. Store it at a cool and dry place most probably below 25 degree Celsius.
  3. Do not administer in puppies less than 4 weeks of age or weighing below 2 lbs.
  4. Never exceed the stated dosage.
  5. Wash hands after treatment or wear gloves while ingesting tablets.
  6. For pets less than 2 lbs weigh, this treatment is not advisable.


Capstar tablets are available in two packs

  • Capstar for small dogs 11 mg available in blue pack for 2 – 25 lbs bodyweight and
  • Capstar for large dogs 57 mg available in green pack for 25.1 – 125 lbs
FAQ On Capstar for Dogs
Q. Why should you always have a pack of Capstar with you?

A. Capstar is an effective and fast acting flea control treatment. It starts working within 30 minutes and removes heavy flea infestation. It continuously works for 24 hours and removes approx 100% fleas. Therefore, for sudden or heavy flea infestation, buy Capstar and stock it.

Q. How quickly do Capstar flea tablets work?

A. Within 30 minutes, Capstar flea tablets start killing fleas on dog/cat. More than 90% adult fleas will be killed within 4 hours on dogs and within 6 hours on cats.

Q. How long does Capstar flea treatment remain effective?

A. Capstar starts working quickly and remains effective for 24 hours. The dosage can be repeated as often as required once in a day without any known side effects. For heavy flea infestation and for instant relief, Capstar is the best option. However, for monthly protection, you can choose Frontline plus, K9 advantix or Advantage for Dogs.

Q. How long after using Capstar can I wash my dog or let him swim?

A. Capstar is an oral treatment. So, one of the benefits is that your pet can go out for swim right after the treatment. There are no restrictions against bathing or swimming before or after treatment.

Q. How old does my dog need to be before I start using Capstar?

A. To start using Capstar, your dog/puppy should be above 4 weeks of age and 2 pounds of weight. Capstar is recommended for use for all dogs and puppies above 4 weeks of age.

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  • Cookie
    Helpful Product
    Nov 12, 2021

    It actually finishes off all the fleas from your dog's body in exactly 30 minutes of administration. This is really a helpful product

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  • Cookie
    Flea pill
    Nov 01, 2021

    Quick easy process but took awhile to get could of been just the post office. So far looks like it's working but he is still itching in some areas. I don't see any fleas.

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  • Cookie
    dog flea care
    Oct 24, 2021

    price was unbeatable with quick shipping

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  • Cookie
    Good product
    Oct 18, 2021

    Took forever to arrive

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  • Cookie
    Amazing product
    Oct 11, 2021

    These flea pills are amazing and work immediately. Also the costs through here is 1/2 the price compared to walmart or Amazon

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