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Anxiety TFLN for Dogs and Cats

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Anxiety TFLN For Dog/Cat

Pack Size
15 Ml
$ 15.27
Anxiety TFLN for Dogs and Cats
  • Homeopet Anxiety TFLN for Dogs/Cats

    Homeopet Anxiety TFLN is an effective remedy to keep pets calm in stressful conditions like thunderstorms and fireworks. This homeopathic formula stimulates normal calmness in pets. The oral formulation is the best solution to help pets stay cool and stress-free during loud noises, gunshots, thunderstorms and fireworks.

    This non-sedating treatment is safe to be given to dogs and cats.

    How Anxiety TFLN works on dogs/cats?

    The oral anxiety formulation is made of all natural ingredients. These ingredients help maintain calm, settled and stable behavior during gunshots, fireworks and loud noises. It helps to overcome stress and anxiety in dogs and cats.

    More Information

    Target species 



    Borax, Chamomilla (German Chamomile), Phosphorus, Rhododendron Chrysanthum, Theridion curassavicum (Orange spider)


  • Benefits
    • An ideal remedy for dogs and cats under stress during loud processions
    • Highly useful for situations like thunderstorms, fireworks and loud noises
    • Helps pets to remain calm and under control
    • Promotes calmness
    • Non-sedating made from all natural ingredients
  • Directions
    • Administer it orally directly into the mouth.
    • Can be mixed it in food or water.
    • Use only when pet is anxious.
    • Administer a full dose every 15 minutes up to 4 doses if needed before or during fireworks or storms.
    • For pets alone at home, put doses in water bowl.
    • For pets under 1 lbs, put 2 drops in water
    • For dosing, refer the dosage instructions on the pack.
  • Safety
    • Keep it away in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
    • Store it away from children and pets.
    • Contact veterinarian if problems persist.
    • Do not overdose in any case.


    No side effects have been recorded. 

Anxiety TFLN for Dogs and Cats
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Great calmer
Apr 05, 2018

Although my kitty is quite bold and doesn't get scared easily. But she gets spooked out by thunderstorms. I didn't mind her behavior earlier but she had literally started getting scared to death after hearing all those noises which made me buy Anxiety TFLN to calm her down. It has improved her condition. At least she doesn't hide herself under the bed anymore.

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Works very well
Mar 25, 2017

I have used this product before and found it to be very effective during storms and hunting season gun shots animal calls etc.

114 of 212 found this review helpful.
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Great Product!
Feb 12, 2017

Anxiety TFLN is a great product for your pet.

105 of 216 found this review helpful.
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