Advantage Multi (Advocate)

Advantage Multi (Advocate) Kittens & Small Cats up to 10lbs (Orange)

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Advantage Multi (Advocate) Flea and Heartworm Treatment for Cats

Advantage Multi (Advocate) is a remarkable broad-spectrum monthly spot-on formula for cats. It is a colorless to yellow ready-to-use solution packaged in single-dose applicator tubes for topical treatment of cats. This all-in-one easy-to-use spot-on treatment provides protection against heartworms, fleas, ear mites, and intestinal worms such as roundworms and hookworms. It contains the powerful combination of Imidacloprid and Moxidectin that starts working within an hour of application and effectively helps prevent heartworm disease, kill adult fleas, treat flea infestation and treat and control ear mites and intestinal worms. This fast-acting broad-spectrum treatment is safe to use in cats and kittens 9 weeks of age and weighing 2lbs or more.


10 % v/w Imidacloprid (100g/L)

2.5 % v/w Moxidectin (25g/L)

  • Advantage Multi for cats must be administered monthly, preferably on the same date each month
  • Advantage Multi (Advocate) is available in two different color-coded pack sizes as follows:
  1. Orange-colored pack for kittens and cats that weigh up to 10 lbs.
  2. Purple-colored pack for cats that weigh over 10 lbs.
  • Choose the appropriate pack size according to your cat’s weight
  • Take one dose applicator tube from the package that correctly corresponds with the bodyweight of the cat
  • Twist the cap to break the seal and then remove cap from the tube
  • Part the hair on the back of the cat’s neck at the base of the head, until the skin is visible
  • Place the tip of the tube on the skin and apply the entire contents directly on the exposed skin
  • Allow the solution to get dry
  • For topical use only
  • Do not use on sick, debilitated or underweight cats
  • Avoid oral ingestion and contact with pet’s eyes
  • Do not allow your cat to lick the application site until it is completely dry
  • Keep out of reach of children and other pets

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  • Cookie
    Works for my dog!
    Jun 17, 2022

    The brand name itself is enough to judge if the product is worthy!

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  • Cookie
    Advantage multi
    May 31, 2022

    What a great product! Haven't spotted a single flea or tick after applying this!

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  • Cookie
    Advantage Flea for cats
    May 15, 2022

    Great product, fast shipping will purchase again

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  • Cookie
    Great place to shop!
    Apr 26, 2022

    Was easy to find my product on website and transaction very straightforward. Will definitely keep shopping at

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  • Cookie
    Advantage Multi
    Mar 26, 2022

    Have used this product for over 6 years on my 4 cats and they have consistently been free of fleas and parasites as advertised

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