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Activyl for Cats

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Activyl for Cats
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Activyl Flea Control for Cats

Activyl for Cats is an inventive product from Merck, a once-a-month spot-on topical solution for total flea control in cats. It kills adult fleas and stops flea larvae and eggs from developing, thereby breaking the flea’s lifecycle. Activyl spreads through your pet's skin and when a flea lands on your pet, it takes up the active ingredient and causes the enzymes in the flea to change. The flea becomes paralyzed and unable to feed and ultimately dies.

Product Specifications

Activyl for Cats is an OTC product available in two packs: for cats and kittens weighing 2-9 lbs in 0.51 ml (0.02 fl oz) applicators and for cats over 9 lbs in 1.03 ml (0.03 fl oz) applicators.


Activyl contains Indoxacarb, an active ingredient with an innovative mode of action for flea control called bioactivation by which the active ingredient is activated using enzymes inside the flea.




  • New technology, innovative active ingredient and unique mode of action
  • Starts action within 8 hours and keeps on killing fleas for 4 weeks
  • Safe for kittens 8 weeks and older and weighing 2 lbs and above
  • Odor-free, quick drying and waterproof
  • Not only acts against adult fleas but also breaks flea lifecycle and prevents eggs developing into larvae


  • Hold the applicator in vertical position and snap the tip by folding it.
  • Keep your cat seated on hind legs.
  • Part the hair and place the applicator tip against the skin on the base of the skull. This is to prevent the your pet from licking the product.
  • Squeeze the applicator at once and apply the entire contents directly to the skin.
  • Repeat the process every 30 days.


Do not use on other animals and cats and kittens under 8 weeks of age and weighing less than 1 lb.
  • Do not use on pregnant or lactating animals. Consult a vet before using on ageing or injured animals.
  • Do not apply more than one applicator per month.
  • Avoid contact with skin or eyes. In case of accidental splash rinse the affected part thoroughly and contact a poison control centre. If swallowed, drink a glass or two of water and call a doctor.