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About Our Service

At PetCareSupplies.com, we understand that pet care can be expensive and therefore our goal is to help you save money on pet health products. Our mission is to provide affordable pet supplies with excellent customer service. And, we aim to provide peace of mind for pet owners when it comes to shopping for pet products. Being a bulk buyer with comparatively less infrastructure cost, PetCareSupplies.com is able to pass larger discounts to its customers.

Our primary objective at PetCareSupplies.com is to provide affordable health care to all pet owners. To this end, we have designed a site that is simple, secure and user-friendly.

About Our Products

We provide preventative treatments for flea, tick, and other health conditions and hygiene as well as homeopathic solutions to pet owners across the world who are looking for affordable pet supplies.

Money-Back Guarantee

For your peace of mind, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all our pet care supplies. If you are not completely satisfied with your pet care products, we will refund your purchase.

We look forward to your valued suggestions to improve our service. Email us at