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Dermaclens for Dogs

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Dermaclens for Dogs
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Dermaclens Dermatologic Cream for Dogs

Wounds, cuts or post-surgical incisions cause irritation and pain to dogs. If not treated, these can lead to severe infections. Dermaclens is an ideal cream for treating abrasions, burns, wounds and other dermatological skin conditions. Formulated with a vanishing cream base, Dermaclens forms a protective layer and heals wounds faster restoring your dog’s health.

Dermaclens for Dogs

Dermaclens is a powerful antiseptic cream for the treatment of wounds and other skin disorders in dogs. This acidic cleansing cream significantly heals wounds, burns, abrasions, and numerous other dermatological conditions faster without irritating dog’s skin. Promoting quick healing and regeneration of damaged tissues, this non-toxic cream removes necrotic tissue, coagulum and debris of dead cells from wounds.


Each 1 g of Dermaclens contains:

  • Propionic acid 17.5 mg,
  • Propylene glycol 185 mg,
  • Malic acid 7.5 mg, and
  • Small amounts of Benzoic acid salicylic acid.




  • Dermaclens is non-hazardous antiseptic cream that heals all kinds of wounds and cuts faster.
  • It effectively treats wounds, lesions, burns, abrasions, cuts and other kinds of skin conditions in dogs.
  • The bitterant taste discourages dogs from licking or further damaging the wound.
  • The soothing effect does not irritate wounds and help to heal faster.
  • It is safe to use on all breeds of dogs and puppies.
  • Due to its cleansing property, it successfully removes dead cells, debris and encrusted discharge of wounds to promote faster healing process.


  • Clean the wound properly with clean water and cotton wool.
  • Open the pack and apply a thin layer of Dermaclens on the affected area.
  • Apply the cream properly and use regularly as per the intensity of wound.
  • Use Dermaclens twice a day on wound or as per vet’s advice.
  • Apply this antiseptic cream in a thin layer while using it for dressing wounds with bandage as it forms a soothing layer.


  • While treating infected area of your dog with Dermaclens, wash hands before and after use or wear rubber gloves when applying the cream.
  • Avoid direct contact of this cream with face and eyes.
  • If comes in contact, wash your eyes immediately with running water.


  • It is strictly for external veterinary use only.
  • Keep away from children, pets and other food items.
  • Store it in cool and dry place.