Fleas are one of the most frequent parasites that infest pets in the United States. In fact, almost half of the pet population is always seen dealing with the nuisance that these critters create by causing itching, scratching, and inflammation. Moreover, they also transmit tapeworms and are causatives of Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD), a skin allergy which is caused by flea bites. The important point to consider is that even a single flea can lead to full-blown infestation because of their rapid reproduction rate. This heavy infestation, when left untreated for a long period, can lead to severe conditions like Anemia and Bartonellosis in the infected pet. Thus, combating flea infestation with an effective treatment like Capstar and combining it with Program Flavor tablets is extremely important.

Here is a brief insight into the product that will give you the exact idea why we call Program a powerful flea treatment.

What Is Program Flavor Tablet?

Program Flavor Tablet is a potent formula that prevents and controls flea population in cats and dogs. It kills and eliminates flea eggs and larvae, thereby disrupting the complete flea lifecycle. This ensures no flea egg or larva matures into an adult flea. However, Program doesn’t have any effect on adult fleas thus, it is necessary to use a treatment like Capstar along with Program that acts on adult fleas as well.

What is The Active Ingredient in Program Flavor Tablets and How It Works?

Program contains an active insect growth regulator lufenuron which controls flea population by preventing eggs from hatching. When this tablet goes into the pet’s system, the ingredient is absorbed by the adipose tissue and is slowly dissipated, thereby extending the protection against flea exposure. A single dose is thus enough to prevent your pet from infestation for 1 month.

How Lufenuron Works?

Lufenuron comes in contact with the flea eggs and larvae through the skin and interferes with the synthesis, polymerization as well as deposition of chitin (a component that forms the exoskeleton of larval fleas). Disruption in chitin synthesis thus causes structural defects which prevent the hatching of eggs and endangers their survival.  So, when a flea bites a pet that is being treated with Program, the parasite ingests lufenuron while feeding. Lufenuron then enters the parasite’s bloodstream and disrupts the formation of sustainable eggshell, thereby halting the production of viable eggs.

Clinical Studies Of Lufenuron

The efficacy of lufenuron has been tested through several field trials. In one of the studies, 213 pet dogs with no trace of fleas or with very few fleas were administered Program (lufenuron). Other flea treatments were not permitted. Flea counts were taken every 30th day. After 2 continuous months of treating the dogs solely with lufenuron, the results showed a remarkable reduction in fleas. When the count was taken after 6 months, the difference from the previous count was significantly higher. Moreover, there were no adverse effects seen in dogs after treating them with lufenuron.

How Is Program Administered To Pets?

First of all, while purchasing the product, one must ensure that the treatment is formulated for the age and weight of your pet, be it cat or dog. Also, there are separate packages for cats and dogs. Therefore, be very meticulous in selecting the product that your pet requires.

Pet parents can administer the product by directly instituting it in the pet’s mouth, or by mixing the tablet in his food. However, if you are indeed mixing it in your pet’s food, make sure the dog finishes the complete meal, so the entire concentration of the dosage enters his body.

What Is The Key Benefit Of Program Flavored Tablet?

Program (lufenuron) is an oral treatment, and unlike topical treatments, it is not degraded by sunlight or washed off with water. It rather provides systemic coverage and thus sustains its efficacy without any disruption.  

Program Flea Control Side Effects?

There are no adverse effects of Program on healthy dogs, and since cats don’t produce chitin at all, the product doesn’t have any effect on them. However, sometimes if the pet is hypersensitive to the ingredient or has weak immunity, symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, itching, loss of appetite, redness in the skin can be seen; though, the possibility of such cases is very rare.

Why Lufenuron must be combined with Capstar?

Capstar is an extremely powerful product with a unique formulation that eliminates adult fleas within an hour. Thus, when Program is used with Capstar, the dual action of two products controls adult flea infestation, kills the existing juvenile flea stages, and prevents the pet from further infestations.

Needless to say, Program is certainly an effective treatment for controlling flea infestations. So, what are you waiting for? Treat your pet now and help him stay healthy and hearty forever.