Having both dogs and cats as pets can tempt you into opting for one product to cure illnesses in both your pets. For instance, imagine you have a cat and she has the dreaded worms. You opt for a de-wormer to cure your feline friend. Everything goes well. A few weeks later, you find out that your dog has contracted worms. To save on the big bucks and cut down on your expenses, you administer the cat de-wormer on your dog. And you realize it worked just fine on him.

That’s a miracle that nothing serious of sorts happened to the dog because, in reality, it is a high risk of giving your dog cat wormers and vice versa, despite the de-wormers having the same ingredients and the same dosage pattern. Then why is it so unsafe to not mix and match the de-wormers?

Well, the simple answer to that is – if you look closely to both the wormers, you will notice a difference in the amount of ingredients utilized. Dog wormers have more proportions of said ingredients whereas, in cats, the proportions are marginally lesser. And that makes a massive difference, so it’s better to stick to dog de-wormers for dogs and cat de-wormers for cats. Furthermore, it is essential to know what type of worm your fur buddy has because that will determine what de-wormer you need to pick. For instance, Triworm-D Dewormer helps in treating whipworms, tapeworms, and hookworms in dogs, but if your furry canine has roundworms, you cannot opt for this treatment. Instead, you have to choose a de-wormer that gets rid of roundworms.

Another way to counter this problem is by simply visiting a veterinarian and allowing him to give you the desired de-wormer treatment. Moreover, the best possible thing to do is by taking preventative measures so that your pal does not get infected with these worms in the first place. Thus, there are numerous de-wormers available in the pet market as well as on online pet stores, which you can opt for. In hindsight, we have listed a few de-wormer preventatives that you can opt for.



Make sure you opt for the appropriate de-wormer. Be alert, be safe! After all, your buddy depends solely on you for protection.