Unveil the Steps to Train Your Dog Greet Visitors Politely

Isn’t it awkward when your dog just starts jumping and leaping over the guest! Dogs usually have this inclination of getting the attention from the strangers. But you need to train them that to get attention and praise they need to learn to behave better and greet the guest in a proper manner.

Compared to adults, children and older people get overwhelmed because of your dog’s greeting. Moreover, most of them don’t like to be licked or jumped upon. So, as an owner what would you do?

Seep down the steps to train your dog to greet guests politely.

Initially, you need to start training your dog to follow your sit and stand command. Inspire your dog to sit whenever you enter the house before you cuddle or greet them. And, when you greet them ensure that they are seated calmly then you make a move towards them. Repeating this everyday will help them learn to be on their four paws whenever anybody enters through the door.

Entrust with your friend who likes your dog and is ready to be with you during your dog training sessions. Talk to your buddy that he needs to remain calm even when your furry pal undertakes to delirious behavior. Your friend needs to enter the house sedately and stand still by the entrance. Let your friend give “sit” command to your dog, which he should have mastered already before they attempt to greet your pooch.

In case your dog turns fanatic and seeks to jump on your friend, make them turn their back towards the dog and in special cases even stepping sideway for the dog to jump down. This will discourage your furry pal to perform such unwanted behaviors. When he is on four paws, and sits, praise him and then greet him. Sometime, a treat may also do wonders. Repeat this training again and again with the help of your friend making your pooch follow “sit” command.

When your tyke follows the command and sits, ensure that your friend greets calmly and praise him either by giving a treat or petting. Avoid using rough and sudden movements this will aggravate or worsen your pooch’s behavior. This will spoil your goal of keeping your dog calm when anybody enters your home. Once this is attained, move into the house in a calm manner.

Once you get the result with this friend, try to involve another friend or two. And slowly try with the real guest. Gradually, your dog will learn that he is rewarded with petting or treat when he is in relax and four legged position.

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