Got the pet of your wish? Want to be the best pet owner and the trainer for your Dog?

Let’s get started!

Training your dog is a part of teaching the disciple. It makes life easy for the pet and pet owner as well. The first and the foremost thing you can teach your dog is to sit, it’s too much fun and creates the bond you always crave for.

But, before you start to train we recommend you to practice these things at your end so as to always be in full energy while training, without getting frustrated.

  1. Be regular while training.
  2. Never push your dog too extreme.
  3. Never punish your dog in case of any mistake.
  4. Give trainings indoor to make your dog comfortable.
  5. Keep the training sessions short and simple. But, frequent.
  6. Bring up the creative and fun training ideas to involve your dog.
  7. Always reward your pet something he likes as he performs obediently.
  8. Don’t just act as trainer to your pet, be a trainee companion to your dog.
  9. Remember, your dog is not being a problem; your dog is having a problem.

"Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen."

Let’s learn more How to train your Dragon (Dog) to sit

There are two methods you can focus on while teaching – Capturing Method and Luring Method

1. Capturing

  • In this method, you have to stand in front of your puppy holding his favorites treats.
  • Observe his movements and let him sit.
  • As he sit’s to eat the food encourage him with a “YES
  • Once done, move to a different position and let him stand up.
  • Repeat the same for a lot more time until you introduce the work “SIT” to him.

2. Luring

  • Get in front of your puppy, show him his treat.
  • Keep the treat right below his nose, and slowly lift the food above his eye level and even above his head at a distance he could fetch.
  • Observe his movements and let him sit to fetch the food.
  • Reward him the same food when he actually comes into the sitting position.
  • Keep praising your pet “Good Boy” rather we suggest to call his name “Good Peanut” it makes him even recognize how does his name sound.
  • Repeat the same for a lot more time until you introduce the work “SIT” to him.
  • Once he is partially trained you can use your empty hand to let him follow the gestures.

And your pet is ready to take your order of Sitting

You can opt for any one method for the initial time, and steadily your dog would be trained for both methods.

You can also teach your dog various commands like – Stand up, Shake-hand, Hold, Pick, Settle down, Leave it, Come, Wait, Stop, and whatnot. Dog training is the process of evolving and it should never end.

The well-trained dog till today can understand 1000 words from the dictionary and can react well to those. You never know when you can break its record.