Cats are very hard to apprehend. They are mysterious and moody but definitely adorable. In their own little ways, they divulge their emotions and contentment towards their human friends. But sadly, most of us fail to comprehend their sweet gestures and the emotions when they feel distressed, threatened, angry or insecure. International Cat Day gives you an opportunity to understand your cat in a better way so you can help her out with your company when she really feels low or indulges with her when she is ecstatic. Here are some of the signals and gestures that indicate various mood swings of the cat. Let’s have an insight on what they reveal.



Best Way to Celebrate International Cat Day

Squinting Eyes

Also known as cat kisses, this is a gesture when the cat slowly blinks her eyes to convey her affection towards their human friend. It also reveals that she feels secure and relaxed in your presence.

Rubbing Against The Body

If your kitty brushes you up against your legs, it is a sweet gesture to tell you how much she adores you. It is also indicative of more trustful bond that the cat is trying to develop with the person. Rubbing can also be considered as another way of kitty to transfer their scent to humans. This happens only when the cat considers you her possession.


We are quite familiar with this sound, right? But do we know what it means? Cats meow primarily to gain attention from their owners. It is the way they communicate with their human friends and let them know that she expects something from you. She might be asking you to caress her or perhaps to feed her. So pay attention when she does that and try to find what she is expecting.


When a cat growls with her teeth exposed, ear flattened, dilated pupils, inverted u-shaped tail, you better stay away from her because she is pissed. It also indicates that the cat is scared and is trying to protect her.

Exposed Belly

You may not see a lot of belly exposure from a kitty. A belly is a very vital part of her body which she wouldn’t expose to anybody unless she is comfortable in the company. If at all she does that and lets you touch it, rejoice that you are lucky and your kitty trusts you a lot. She shows this gesture when she feels completely secure. However, this gesture can be confused with her being threatened by something. If you find the cat on her back with flattened ears and dilated pupils, it means she is scared like hell. You gotta caress her a lot so she feels relaxed.

Tail Between The Legs And Balled Up

Cats do that all the time when they feel scared or unsure about the situation. This gesture is a way of protecting or hiding her up from others. If your kitty does that any point of the tie, you must not bother her anymore and quietly leave the place.

Body language indicates a lot about animals which they themselves cannot speak. The only way to enhance and improve your bond with your pets is thus to understand these indications. Misunderstood pets can exhibit annoyance and irritability which eventually leads to poor mental and physical health. And anything that affects health must be addressed without delay. So make your kitty happy this International Cat Day by learning how to tackle her when she is happy and when she is not. This way you will definitely earn her trust and she will feel more relaxed if she is already suffering from some physical ailment.

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