Efficacy of Frontline Defined

Frontline Plus has proved to be a panacea in flea and tick treatment. This product, made by Merial, has gathered accolades for being highly effective against these two parasites. Pet owners swear by its results. What defines its efficacy is the presence of two active ingredients – fipronil and s-methoprene. Fipronil specifically, hyperactivates the nervous system of adult fleas that eventually kills the fleas, whereas, s-methoprene is an insect growth regulator that prevents the flea eggs and larvae from maturing. Thus, they work synergistically to eliminate fleas and ticks. It virtually takes 24 hours to disrupt the lifecycle and eliminate the infestation completely. Apart from that, it provides protection against these parasites for one month.

The most important point to remember is – all the pets in the household must be treated for fleas and ticks even if just one pet is infested. This may include – other dogs and cats, puppies, kittens and adult cats. Reason being, these nasty, nuisance creating critters can infect other pets too. They can cause itching, anemia, hair loss and many other horrifying diseases in them as well, not just the one infected already.

There are many suspicions and dilemma rounding the safety of the treatment for puppies and kittens.

Safe Is Frontline Plus For Pups and Kittens

Best Ways to Use Frontline Plus on Puppies & Kittens

Well, the treatment is completely safe for use in puppies and kittens provided you give the correct dose to your pet. With this we mean, you must first ensure your pet falls in the age group and the weight range mentioned on the label. Giving a wrong product not meant for pups and kittens can land them into trouble.

The ingredients in Frontline Plus, however, are only dangerous for parasites. They do not cause any complications in young pets if given correctly. Exceptions apart.

The guidelines of Frontline Plus clearly mention that the product should be used specifically on the skin and not on the fur. This must be followed diligently else the product wouldn’t show its full effect. For infants that are younger than 8 weeks, Frontline Plus usage is not recommended. Only pups and kittens above 8 weeks of age must be treated with Frontline Plus. Moreover, keep the kids away when the solution is applied to the pet.

So, what if the infant younger than 8 weeks contracts fleas or ticks?

It is advised that you use Frontline Spray on pet babies. It is safe and has the same efficacy as Frontline Plus for small dogs. However, avoid spraying it on their eyes, even mistakenly.


Frontline Plus is a safe and highly effective treatment for fleas and ticks in pups and kittens. Just follow the ‘directions of use’ meticulously and your beloved furry pal will be completely safe of these annoying parasites.