veterans day pet stories

Dogs are quite amazing creatures. For hundreds of years they have been with us herding, flocking, defending the homestead and providing abundance of love and fellowship. Apart from these things, these furry pals also take active part in the battlefield which makes them the war heroes. The remarkable aspect is that they have done this for centuries. In fact, the first time dogs were used in wars was way back in 600 BC!!!

Today, there are approximately 2,500 dogs that are serving in the U.S. Military that are trained to trail suspects, protect their units, find drugs and sniff out explosives. They are idols for fidelity, braveness and advanced level of training in their unit. Hence, it is obvious to set apart a special day to recognize the great work done by these courageous canines. Since Veteran’s Day is just around the corner, it is important to honor all working and military dogs for their service and sacrifice to our country.

To make this occasion even more special we have dug out some paw-inspiring tales that will make your Veteran’s Day even more special:

Military Dogs On Veterans Day

Sergeant Stubby

This furry pal is the only doggy to be upgraded to the rank of a sergeant. He was the most decorated pooch in World War I. He fought 17 battles with his owner, Corporal Robert Conroy in France for 18 months. He used to inform his unit about the approaching artillery shells and gas attacks. He once caught a German spy through his pants. He was battle-scarred twice and was impersonally adorned for his heroics by General Pershing. He became a canine celebrity after the war. He was asked to participate in parades and met three presidents.


After the Pearl Harbor incident, the US military formed dogs of defense. Due to the fact that the military forces did not have any conventional military dog program, they encouraged dog owners to let their dogs participate in the war. Patriotic dog owners voluntarily sent their dogs for the military duty. One of them was a German Shepherd – Collie – Siberian Husky Mix named Chips.

He later on became the most decorated dog of World War II. He was part of the military action in France, North Africa, Germany, and Italy. In 1943, during the Sicily invasion, Chips and his handler, Private John P. Rowell were attacked on the beach through an Italian machine gun fire. The doggy attacked the gunners forcing them to come out in the open that lead to their surrender to the US troops.

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