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Are you gathering up with your family and friends for a big Thanksgiving celebration? Don’t forget your pet, as he /she is  a significant part of your family, who needs to be included in the celebration. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to your pets and Thanksgiving:

Celebrate Thanksgiving Day With Pets & Grab Thanksgiving Discounts On Pet Supplies

      • It is great, if you want your pooch to join in on the thanksgiving fest. You can offer him with a good piece of turkey ensuring, that it is cooked well. Make sure that the piece of turkey you give to eat to your furry pal is boneless and skinless white meat. As the poultry bones are small and narrow, so they can easily get lodged in your pets gastrointestinal track and the fatty pieces of meat or skin can cause GI irritation.
      • Make sure to keep the raw dough away from your furry pal’s sight, it can be dangerous to him. For example: if raw dough is eaten by him, the heat of body of your pet will activate the yeast and make it rise in his stomach. In this situation, you may need to take him to the vet emergency requiring a surgery.
      • Make a point that you dispose the food wrapper and other containers properly, as you know pets love to paw through the thrash to find some new goodies.
      • Don’t forget to attach a microchip and the information, which is up to date on the collar, as there can be a risk, that your dog may run off. So, with the help of information and microchip you have attached you will be able to find him quickly as possible.
      • If you are also inviting other dogs along with your friends, make sure your dog has been given the preventatives for flea and tick, worms etc. So that, he don’t pick up the predators from the other pets.

Thanksgiving Day Sales & Deals For Pets

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You And Your Furry Pal Have A Safe And Happy Thanksgiving!

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