My Dog is licking too much“Why my dog licks too much?” 

“My dog literally cannot stop licking…he won’t listen when I tell him to stop. It’s not like he’s biting or anything…but sometimes he won’t stop licking..he needs to learn not to lick…any advice????????” 

This is the most common question that many pet owners around the world post it on the World Wide Web to find the right solution to help their poor furry friend stop licking. How many of you are facing the same problem. At some or the other time of your pet’s life you must have or can come across this problem. 

Licking human is dog’s instinctive social behavior showing love and affection. Nevertheless, when your pooch starts licking his body or humans excessively, then there are numerous reasons behind it such as:

  • Normal Behavior
  • Flea and Tick Problem
  • Allergies
  • Boredom
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Pain
  • Dry skin
  • Itchy Skin Diseases
  • Compulsive behavioral problem
  • A cut or a wound

Finding out the cause behind his compulsive licking, you can help your furry friend to resolve to normal behavior. Let us explore in detail, what things you can follow to stop the exhaustive licking of your dog to save him from danger.

Normal Behavior 

To discourage your pooch from licking people or himself, say “no” gently and softly but in a firm voice. For sometime ignore your furry friend for such behavior. This way you can divert him from this behavior. Once your dog has stopped licking, engage him in some playful activities like chasing a ball.


Dogs are allergic to pollen or other plants, and especially in summer, this ratio is high. Find out whether your furry pet is licking due to some allergy or not. If he does, then stop him from going out to such places. There are some medications available, which can prevent allergies in pet. Providing proper medication, you can prevent your pet from licking due to allergy.

Fleas and Ticks 

Fleas and ticks are also one of the common causes for excessive licking. Provide effective flea and tick treatment, which can dramatically reduce licking problem in your pooch. 


Feeling bored, your four-legged furry animal may enjoy licking and goes on eternally. You can stop him from constantly kissing his body by removing his boredom. Whenever you find your loveable friend is feeling bored and has started his licking passion, immediately engage him in a play. Make him chase a ball, run or jump. Soon, your pet forgets all about licking game.

Hormonal Imbalances 

Licking due to hormonal imbalances is also quite common, when your pooch is entering from one stage to another. To avoid such circumstances, always talk to your vet and take advice on how to prevent your furry companion from excessive licking. Certain medications can balance hormones and reduce licking problem.

Itchy Skin Diseases 

Itchy skin conditions are most common reason to blame for dogs the unusual licking behavior. Certain skin infections are caused due to external parasites or adverse food reactions. A proper treatment for parasites or medication for food allergy can help him stop licking vigorously.


Pain due to some accident or joint disease makes doggy to lick continuously to feel little relaxed. Whereas finding the underlying condition, you can treat your lovable companion and stop him from licking.

Dry Skin 

Normally, in very hot or cold conditions, canine skin becomes too dry. This instigates them to lick to get some relief. Whenever you find that, your pet is showing signs of itching and scratching, and before he starts on excessive licking, provide remedy for his dry skin. Apply moisturizer or animal skin lotion twice or thrice a day. This reduces dryness and makes your pouch skin supple and smooth.

Compulsive Behavioral Problem 

Sometimes anxiety plays a part causing dogs to lick compulsively without giving heed to their pet parents. Stressful life changes with the birth of a pup can even set problems for stable, happy dogs. If you find that your furry friend is having an unusual licking problem followed by other behavioral changes, take him immediately to a vet. A combination of medication, stress reduction and an interesting lifestyle full of fun and exercise acts as a perfect treatment for compulsive behavioral problem.

A Cut or a Wound 

Whenever a pooch gets a cut or a wound, it starts licking to soothe the wound and lessen the irritation it faces due to injury. An antibacterial lotion or antiseptic spray with bitterant property can avoid your furry friend from licking the infected area exhaustively.

Finding out the deep-rooted cause of your pet’s excessive licking helps you provide the right and effective treatment for your four-legged pretty companion. A proper care, healthy food, and regular exercise with some fun time makes your lovable companion life wonderful avoiding problems like licking.