Can a Cat and a Dog Live Together

Most of the pet parents having only a cat or a dog wonder whether canines and felines can live together in case if they add a new animal member to the family. As the assumption goes, most of the people think that cats and dogs cannot live serenely together. Well, this is an age-old adage lurking in the minds of most pet owners. However, the answer to this tricky question is just not as simple as ABC. With few rules, some exceptions, proper care and instructions, pet parents can help their furry friends live together harmoniously and peacefully.

Getting a dog or a cat to accept one another is a delicate issue, which every pet owner needs to learn to handle. Following a few basic guidelines, you can easily introduce your four-legged big companion to your new kitty or vice versa. 

When you are introducing a dog and cat, remember under any circumstance do not leave them alone in a confined space letting them to work out things on their own. You need to be very much careful when getting both canine and feline together. Also, remember that sometimes introductions can be dangerous especially for kitties as most of the times dogs find cats as their prey.

Therefore, being a pet parent one has to be always on the verge with lots of precautions, planning, care and patience while introducing a dog and a cat.

With a cat in your well furnished home, if you are planning to bring a dog, try to find a canine that has a record of friendly behavior or known to be going easy with felines. If you are looking to adopt a puppy or a dog from shelters, private pet organizers or rescue centers, they will be very well acquainted with furry pals and know if an animal has healthy behavioral patterns with felines or not.

On the contrary, if you have great plans to get a fluffy kitty, you need to start a campaign working on your pooch’s behavior and obedience before you add a new member to the family. Make your dog get comfortable on a leash and train him to obey your commands and requests to either sit down or stand at a place while on the leash.

In the starting days, for cat’s comfort, keep her in a confined area (like a small guestroom or bathroom) where she can feel safe and can slowly get acquainted to dog’s smell. Ensure you provide everything in the room from food to water and make frequent one-on-one visits with human family members to make her relieve from fear and making her feel secure.

After a few days, slowly open the door of the room, and let both the animals meet each other but remember to keep your dog on leash and see that your canine companion do not chase the cat. If your kitty wants to view the huge four-legged pal from distance, don’t force her.

Allow more time to both the pets to stay together and reward their good behavior with treats and praise. Keep your pooch on leash until he lacks interest in chasing and bothering the cat, and on the other hand, your kitty feels free to come out behind the closet or under the bed.

Naturally, it is not common for dogs and cats to be together, but you can make them friends and help them enjoy each other’s company through proper care and strategy. Well, jump on your suits and be happy to add that lovely companion to your family, which you were yearning for days.