Cancer Causing food for pet

Food is the fuel for life. Nature has given us variety of food to satisfy our taste buds. Just as humans, even dogs are fond of food in a way that whatever they do, they want food as a reward. But, it is said that the dangerous diseases arrives in the form of delicacies. When we talk about menacing diseases, cancer always comes in the hit list. Unfortunately, it is estimated that cancer is the major cause of death in dogs and over 6 million dogs die each year due this horrifying disease.

Have you ever imagined that the things that we live on can be the things that can lead us to death? Similar is the case with food and cancer. Is there a link between dog food and cancer? In this post we will unfold the unexpected causes of cancer in dogs.

It is essential to know that dog’s wild diet completely varies from the commercial and modern diet that we provide. The wild dogs’ diet does not involve any cooking, preservatives or carbohydrates. While the commercial food is processed and heated at high temperature before packaging then the food is heated again in the kitchen. This frequent process of heating adds fuel to the existing harmful ingredients. Aflatoxins are the most common carcinogens found in the commercial dog food. Let’s dig deeper into how carcinogenic ingredients cause cancer in canines.

Carcinogenic Ingredients

Aflatoxin is a major carcinogenic ingredient which is also known as molds. It easily grows and produces a powerful carcinogen. Aflatoxin is a cancer-causing ingredient which is a type of mycotoxin that emerges from the Aspergillus species of fungus. Grains such as wheat, corn and rice have a high quantity presence in the commercial dog foods. These grains are often contaminated with molds due to the poor growing condition and substandard long-term storage.

Does Cooking Effect Aflatoxins?

Many live in the misconception that molds can be diluted during the cooking process. But, it is imperative to know that it doesn’t. Being a stable and stubborn ingredient, Aflatoxins are not affected due to the high temperatures.

You need to know which foods are contaminated with Aflatoxin to prevent carcinogenic ingredients causing dangerous disease in your pup. Here’s a rundown of foods that you need to leery about before serving it to your Fido.

  • Rice
  • Wheat Cereals
  • Corn
  • Walnuts
  • Peanuts
  • Brazil Nuts
  • Soyabeans

How Molds Cause Cancer?

Aflatoxins are not just an issue but a serious one. Whether in humans or dogs, it is found that cancer feeds on carbs. The growth and expansion of cancer cells requires glucose in starchy carbohydrates. Carbs are less expensive than meat, hence, you can find more of the carbs in a kibble and eventually ends up causing inflammation in the dog’s body

The cancer causing Aflatoxins when given regularly to the dogs in smaller amount in the form of pet food can cause symptoms such as lethargy, jaundice and weight loss. Aflatoxin binds with DNA and also causes cell mutations. Therefore, the dog is left with no energy to fight off those protruding cancer cells. These cancer-causing Aflatoxins primarily detriments the dog’s liver or cause cancerous tumor when consumed in smaller amounts over a longer period of time.

This concludes that there is a high possibility to find food borne cancer and liver disease in dogs majorly due to the carcinogenic ingredients.

How To Prevent Cancer Causing Aflatoxins?

To protect your dog from cancer-causing Aflatoxins, you should eschew any food containing molds. Cut-off the carbs and you will take away the cancer’s food source. You can switch to a raw food diet instead of offering kibble to your furry pal. You can feed them with fresh, clean and high quality meat either raw or cooked. Provide them some bones, organs, fruits and veggies to maintain their health. However, providing fresh and whole foods is the best way to protect your pet from cancer and other diseases caused due to processed pet foods.