Life is an infinite loop of struggles and happiness. You just got to hold on to the happy memories to get through the tough times. People can be temporary but the companionship of a pet is for a lifetime. For however long they live, they’ll make your journey worthwhile and memorable.

Every pet is instinctual and knows that he is home with his human. As far as pets are concerned, they do know how to navigate back but they might still forget the way and get lost. This can be rough on both pet parents and the pet as they lose their furry companion and the poor pet has to roam around the street completely helpless.

July is considered to be National Lost Pet Prevention Month, so here’s our take on spreading awareness about the cause. No pet parent wants to experience such a huge loss which can be easily prevented. Therefore, we have shared a few safety measures that’ll ensure your pet stays near your home and doesn’t get lost. However, if your furry pal does get lost, you can easily track him down.

  1. The first thing your buddy needs is an ID tag on his collar; even better if you have microchipped your pet. Microchipping seems painful but it’s not. The needle is sharp enough to make the procedure painless for your pet.
  2. Research has shown that spayed/neutered pets are less likely to roam around the streets. Thus, if you want your buddy to be safe, sterilizing him is also a feasible option.
  3. Have a tight security system in your house so that your furry pal doesn’t escape while playing.
  4. If your pet is hyperactive, keep him on the leash even in the house.
  5. Take pictures of your furry buddy from time to time so you can have some identification proof in case he goes missing.
  6. If you have a fenced yard, keep a regular check on it. Dogs tend to dig holes in such places and they can easily escape through that.
  7. Use a harness for dogs that get easily frightened.

Since July & August are the months of summer breaks and vacation, pets are more likely to go missing. Hence, you need to keep the above points in mind if you’re traveling with your furry companion or have a party planned. Anything that gets your buddy overexcited can lead to him getting out of the house. Supervision is vital if your buddy is not completely trained.

If for some reason, your pet goes missing, you need to take quick action. If you’ve followed the above-mentioned points, tracking down your furry pal will be like a walk in the park. However, if your buddy doesn’t have any ID tag on him, it is a point of concern. To help you find your lost pet, we have shared a few helpful points below.

Take Quick Action

As soon as you find out that your pet has gone missing, try to find him by calling out his name and looking around the house. Don’t sit around waiting for him to come back.

Complete House Search

Many pet parents make the mistake of not looking into the house. Chances are your mischievous furball is playing hide-n-seek and is probably sitting in some odd place. Hence, first, do a thorough search within the house.

Check the Security Cameras

If you have security cameras installed, check the footage of the time when your buddy went missing. This way you’ll know whether your pet went missing while chasing something or he got attracted to any object.

Entice Your Pet with His Favorite Food

By placing your furry pal’s favorite dish in front of the house, he’s more likely to come back if he’s been hiding in your neighbor’s yard. Their olfactory receptors are very sharp, so your pet will easily get a sniff of his favorite treat and will come running back to you!

Visit Local Animal Shelters

There are numerous pet rescue groups and shelters that take in lost and stray pets. So, contact all the shelters within a 60-mile radius of your home.

Share Pictures of Your Pet

If you still can’t find your pet, print out his pictures and circulate them in your neighborhood. Someone might have seen which direction your pet headed towards, so that’ll give you a head-on.

Our main aim is to spread awareness so that no pet parent loses their furry companion. The above points will assist you in reuniting with your pet and if you don’t want to get separated from your furry baby, please follow the mentioned preventive steps. We hope that this National Lost Pet Prevention Month, you take extra care of your pet and ensure his safety but following the safety measures.

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