Winter Checklist for Cats And Dogs

Winter Safety Checklist for Dogs and Cats

Winter is a time to take out our sweaters, jackets, mittens to keep us warm. Even most of the pet parents bring out cute jerseys and jackets for their furry friends. But this is not enough, as you need to take special care of your dog or cat in the cold weather. Here are the things, which you need to keep your pet safe and healthy during the winter season as follows:

Winter Checklist To Keep Pets Safe & Healthy

Put On Extra Clothing for Pets:

Put On Extra Clothing for Pets

There are many pet owners who keep their pets dressed at all times, which means that their natural immunity to bear the cold temperature is low and they will need to wear extra layers in winter season. Some parents try to keep them natural by not putting on any clothing, but it is recommended to add on an extra clothing to your pet in the winter season on back. If your furry pal is old, it becomes important as their ability to regulate natural body heat id less responsive and even the arthritis pain gets worse around winters.

Keep On Leash Your Pet:

Keep On Leash Your Pet

In winter it is also essential to keep your dog or cat inside the doors. If dog or cat runs out from the house, they may not be able to sniff their path back easily in the snow. As the winter season can become bad for their sense of smell. So make a note that you keep leashed or keep the doors and windows closed.

Keep Pets Dry:

Keeping Cat Dry

In most of the regions, winter can be wet. There can be usually snow or raining. Make sure your furry pal is not damp  and cold, as it can cause irritations, start infection and can be worse for arthritis problems. When ever you find your dog or cat wet, use a clean towel or hair dryer to keep your pet dry at all times.

Brush Pets On Regular Basis:

Brush Pets On Regular Basis

In cold weather, pet parents may skip giving the bath to their pet’s. But the dead fur on your doggy or kitty still needs to be removed. Make a  point that you brush your canine or feline on regular basis to keep their coat smooth, untangled and clean at all times.

High Protein Food for Pets:

High Protein Food for Pets

To keep the winter anxiety or any joint problems, it is important to give your canine or feline high protein food. It helps to keep the body warm and keep all the problems at bay. You can give cooked chicken, meat, fish or eggs, as this is the best source of food in cold weather.

Proper Exercise for Pets:

Exercise for Pets

During winter season most of the pet parents get lazy and may skip walks and workouts. This can be bad for them as well as for their pets. There can be certain breeds of doggy and kitty, which may put on very easily. Researchers have found that the canine and felines with obesity have a shorter life span and may experience arthritis in young age. So make sure, that you workout your dog or cat indoors, if it is not possible to get outdoors. Plan out simple activities with their daily routines and get them workout without  missing a single day.

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