Having a dog as a pet seems like heaven with all the joy and happiness in this world. Your dog is the twinkle of your eyes, which makes you feel pride. But, what about the twinkle of his eyes. Do you really take care of his little shiny eyes, which are always eagerly and lovingly look at you? Dog’s eyes are sensitive and they do need that extra care to keep that twinkle always.

Find here some great tips to keep your dog’s eyes healthy and shiny.

Before starting for any eye care at home, check out whether your dog is having this or not

  • Tearing
  • Closed eyes
  • Unequal pupil sizes
  • Red or white eyelid linings
  • Visible third eyelid
  • Cloudiness or change in eye color
  • Tear-stained fur
  • Discharge and crusty gunk

If you find that your pet is having any of these signs, involve your veterinarian. He will help to resolve the situation and provide the best treatment.

A Regular Clean Sweep

Eye care starts with eye cleaning. Remove that gunk with the help of a damp cotton ball slowly and carefully. From the corner of the eye, wipe outward without hurting the eyes. See that you are not touching the eyeballs as you may scratch the cornea. Do this whenever you see discharge around your pooch’s eyes. Doing it on a regular basis will keep his eyes clean and shining. If you find that your dog is constantly suffering from watery eyes and yellowish discharge, consult a veterinarian as your pooch may be having an infection.

Eye Hair

Long hair breeds usually get their hair into the eyes, not only irritating them but also causing infection at times. If you’ve long hair breed dog ensure that you have his hair around the eyes trimmed regularly. Using long blade scissors with the help of the tips cut hair carefully.

Daily Care

It is crucial to keep his eyes clear of mucus all the times. Mucus is the main cause of infection, as bacteria overgrows on it. With the help of sterile eyewash and eye wipes, keep the eyes clean always.

Bathing Procedure

If you have to give your pooch a great bath or take him for a swim, it’s crucial that you apply a protective layer of opthalmic ointment under the top lid to protect the eyes from water before bathing, swimming, facial cleaning and insecticide treatment. Be aware that even tearless shampoos can also cause irritation in your pooch’s eyes.

Tear Staining

In some breeds of dogs like Poodles and Cocker Spaniels, tear staining is a common problem. It can make sight unclear when not cleaned properly. Tears have antibacterial affect that kills bacteria causing infection. Usually, tears come across the surface of the eye and drain through the tear duct. Tears spill out and lay on the surrounding hair. You should clean the tear stains for the breeds having normal tears and saliva stains. Special tear stain removal product is available in the market that helps to clear the stains.

Taking proper eye care of your furry friend, you can keep his eyes healthy while being happy with those twinkling and shining eyes.

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