It is the end of the year 2014, and we all are waiting to welcome 2015 enthusiastically. It’s also a great time for us as pet parents to enjoy the fun of New Year with our cute four-legged pals. Many of us have already made our list of resolutions while others are still in the state of haze which resolutions to set in to make this year wonderful and fruitful for our pets.

Want some guidelines on which resolutions to make and follow to make your pooch or kitty’s life special the coming year, then here you go.

  • Keep a proper check on what you are feeding to your pet. Whether dry food, wet food or handmade food.
  • Ensure to provide extra nutritional supplements to help him stay healthy throughout the year
  • Never miss a day to take your pet on a walk.
  • Keep him on regular exercise for strong bones and healthy muscles.
  • Add one exercise regime to improve your pet’s overall health.
  • Add DOGA in your pooch’s working schedule this year.
  • Ensure not to miss a dose of monthly flea and tick control treatment year round.
  • In case of obese pet, work out a plan to reduce excess weight.
  • Provide right amount of food, each time you feed your furry pal.
  • Choose an age-appropriate food for your pet.
  • Take your pet on a road trip at least once a year.
  • Add a new activity in your pet’s routine life
  • Fix date for regular visit to a vet.
  • Ensure to get vaccinations for your pet without failure.
  • Groom your furry companion daily.
  • Include dental care in pet hygiene
  • Plan spa date for your dog or a cat once a year
  • Teach at least one trick to your old dog.
  • Update every little detail from your new contact number to changed address on your pet’s Micro ID card.

Last but the most important one, love your four-legged companion more unconditionally this year to increase the bondage with him/her.

Have you already made any New Year resolution for 2015 for your pets? We are eager to hear from you…Share in the comment box.

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