All pets are cute and adorable; however, our preferences may differ when it comes to choosing that one animal which we would love the most and want to keep as a companion. This is the reason we often find dog lovers and cat lovers indulging in verbal tussle debating themselves up to prove their pet better than the opponents. Well, eventually it all depends on the type of a person you yourself are – whether you are outgoing, exploring and expressive like dogs or shy, reserved and cleanliness freak like kittens? Your natural instincts tend to attract you to the animal you resemble more. However, if you are seeking for a budget-friendly pet yet a gullible one, go for Kitties without a thought. On this National Cat Day, which was started by Mr. Collen Paige to honor cats and the companionship they had been offering to humans, let’s find out how cats are better than dogs in some ways and reasons you should adopt them.

National Cat Day

Top 7 Reason You Should Adopt a Kitty

Cats Are Affordable

Unless you are going for a specific breed, cats can be adopted at a fraction of a price than a dog. You don’t have to pay huge for their adoption and some stores may even offer deals on kitty adoption.

Cats Are Low Maintenance

Where dogs need to be groomed thoroughly very often and require more shampoo and conditioner for bathing, cats actively groom themselves up without you having to worry about bathing her every single day. Moreover, they are so small in size that they hardly consume as much product as the dogs do.

Doesn’t Need a Large Bed

Cats can fit themselves up in smaller spaces and don’t really require many places to stretch out freely. You would rather find her snoring happily in a shoe box than large and lavish bedding which is actually good for people who often run short of budget.

Cats Love To Keep It Clean

We all know how a cat covers her poop every time she defecates. Cats generally get irritated if their litter box is not clean because they love cleanliness and cannot stand the litter. This makes them a perfect companion for people who love to keep their house immaculately clean. Like dogs, cats don’t have the habit of littering other household things around. So, you do not have to come home thinking about the mess your pet would have done. However, do keep a scratch stand or furniture for cats to relieve their natural scratching instincts.

Kitties Do Not Require Regular Walks

Having a dog requires immense energy and a regular fitness routine. They need to be walked daily and require physical activities to burn their extra energy whereas, with cats, that is not the case. Being small in size makes them less prone to obesity and their climbing and jumping habits keep them fit naturally unless they are overfed. So, if you dread of going out on a snowy day, opt for a cat.

Cats Aren’t Attention Seekers

Cats are very reserved and shy. They show their affection towards their human companion in very subtle ways whereas dogs are usually loud and extremely expressive about their feelings. Cats don’t bother their owners much and can stay consumed in their own world without disturbing you. Just give them a toy and they will be busy for long. They are thus best for people who don’t like a super energetic pet craving for attention all the time. Cats understand the importance of personal space. Moreover, if you opt for a cat you would be saved from incessant barking that seems highly irritating on nights when you return home very tired.

Aren’t these good enough facts to help you save big money if you aren’t really ready for a huge investment of time and money that dogs require? Besides, you can also snuggle them up easily while sleeping. So, if you are in search of a great companion, a furry pal that can accompany you when you are lonely, and sit beside you silently gazing the sky and birds for hours, a cat is the pet you must be looking for.

Have a great National Cat Day and make it happier by adding this new member to your family.

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