International Cat Day

The International Cat Day is celebrated on 8th of August every year. It is a day to commemorate, where the cats are respected, hugged and cuddled by the cat owners. This day is celebrated all over the world to show awareness and the perks of having a kitty in your home. Felines have been the best companions of human, so even they deserve a day to respect themselves.

Origin And Purpose of International Cat Day:

This day was introduced by the International Fund of Animal Welfare in 2002. It is coordinated by diverse animal welfare organizations all over the world. The main purpose of this day is:

  • To increase the awareness of the needs of cats

  • Give shelter to kittens, so they can feel respect

  • Feed good food every day

  • Treat the cat fairly and not abuse or harass

  • To recognize and adore the cats

Having a cat lowers your risk of heart diseases Do you know? Cats have always been considered important, as they are worshiped in many religions. If you go through the history, you will see that their remains have been found even in the ancient tombs of Egypt. Cats are very clever, they have lots of patience; an unthankful and egoistic character which loves to hunt. Researchers have also found the medical benefits of keeping a kitty at home such as:

  • They can help children with autism

  • Their purring helps to heal bones, tendons, and muscles

  • They have positive impact on your mental health

  • They can quite literally save your life

Commemoration Of The International Cat Day:

You should be the part of the International Cat Day and celebrate it with your furry pal. Make this day special for your feline by giving her special cat food or take her to the pet salon for pampering. If you don’t own a pet, this is the perfect day to get a cat. There are about 60 cat breeds worldwide. It really does not matter, which cat breed you select or you adopt any kitty from the shelter. It is all about giving her a home to feel respected and to have a better companion with the most of the benefits for people in danger of certain illnesses.

International Cat Day

Here’s wishing all the cat owners and their furry pal’s a Happy International Cat Day. Non-pet owners, if you have been inspired by this blog, then please get a cat and celebrate this wonderful day with her.

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