Dog’s are enthusiastic walkers. Anytime you call on them for a walk, they bound up to you as if it’s a treat on offer. Usually, early morning or afternoon is the ideal time to walk dogs. But, dog owners with a busy schedule prefer night time because of the calm and quiet and no traffic hassles. And such people need to keep in mind the following safety tips for a night stroll with their companion.

Leash Them Well and Good

First thing you need never forget is to ‘Always leash your dog at night’. Use shorter leashes to keep them from wandering out of reach and risking accidents or animal attacks. If you use retractable leashes, keep them for their day time walks. For nights, use a reflective leash instead that is bright enough to help you spot your dog even in the dark.

Get the Visibility Gear

It can be really scary to lose your buddy in the dark. Using LED collars, LED light clips or reflective strips facilitates locating them. The clips and strips are very easy to use since you just need to attach them to the dog’s collar or body. Most dog owners get reflective vests for themselves and their buddies. They not just give them both a super cool look but also keep them visible to the people, vehicles or other animals on the road.

Approach Familiar Territory

When you take your companion for walk at night, you are responsible for their safety. Never venture into territories you are not familiar with. There may be unknown dangers lurking out there that may catch you unaware and unprepared to deal with.

Steer Safe through the Dark

You can’t keep carrying flashlight everywhere you go. You need your hands free to hold on to your pooch. Wearing a headlamp band is the simplest way to navigate in the darkness. You can always make a run for your buddy if he tries to outsmart you and disappear in the night-cloaked streets.


Nights can be pretty cold in winters but there are cooler during summers too. So you’d better be extra cautious when you expose your dog to something that may affect his health. Jackets and vests are the most viable options to keep them from catching cold and suffering from body aches and joint pains.

Safety in Numbers

If you venture out at ungodly hours of the night, it is safer to have a couple more companions accompanying you and doggo. You can take your friends or neighbor along too in case you encounter something you won’t be able to deal with alone. Of course it would be much more enjoyable if they too have pets to tag along and mingle with your buddy.

Forewarned is Forearmed

While walking your dog at night, use your better judgment, follow the protocols, and spend on the right accessories. Don’t do anything you feel is not right. It is better to be prepared for a disaster and not have one than to have a disaster and not be prepared for it.