Dogs tend to sniff and eat anything that seems tempting to them. Whether it is a piece of bacon or food crumbs, they will gobble it down without a second thought. Unlike humans, dogs dont know the difference between good food and harmful food. If there’s some food that’s dangerous for our health, we would completely avoid it but dogs don’t have that sense. Thus, when you have a dog, you need to ensure he doesn’t eat anything that can possibly harm his health.

The immune system of dogs doesn’t work the same as humans, so the fruits and vegetables that are beneficial and healthy for us can be hazardous for them. Therefore, here is the list of fruits that you should keep away from your pooch.


Grapes are one of the most dangerous fruits for dogs. The repercussion of consuming grapes isn’t limited to diarrhea or vomiting; it is capable of causing irreversible kidney damage in dogs. Thus, keep grapes as far away as you can from your dog. Moreover, also avoid raisins as they’re basically dehydrated grapes and can be equally harmful.


Avocado is indeed a fruit! Although there are numerous benefits of avocado for humans, every part of the fruit is dangerous for your pooch. Avocado has Persin, which is a toxin that causes diarrhea and vomiting in dogs. Moreover, the high-fat content also makes it difficult for the dogs to digest it.


If your buddy has a weak immune system, you might want to keep tomatoes as far away as you can from him. Tomato is technically a fruit, yes. The tomato stems and unripened tomatoes can cause gastric issues in dogs. Hence, it’s best to avoid feeding tomatoes to dogs.

Citrus fruits

Any kind of fruit containing citrus is bad for dogs. The unpleasant sour taste might prevent your dog from taking a lick of the lemon but if he does, it can lead to upset stomach and diarrhea.


Rhubarb is one of the finest ingredients for desserts. From pies to cheesecakes, this fruit goes with anything. However, feeding rhubarb to your furry pal can have grave consequences. The stems and leaves reduce the calcium level in dogs, resulting in serious health-related problems like renal failure. So, whenever you are baking a rhubarb pie, see that your dog doesn’t take a bite out of it.


All mushrooms are not toxic to pets. However, there’s no safe way of knowing which one will harm the pet. There are numerous species of mushrooms, including wild mushrooms that are highly toxic for dogs as well as other pets. If yoFruits and Veggies That Are Harmful to DogsFruits and Veggies That Are Harmful to DogsFruits and Veggies That Are Harmful to Dogsu have a yard, regularly check it for mushroom growth. In case of ingestion of mushroom, take the dog to the vet immediately.


Who knew onions could be bad for dogs? Well, the side effects of onions include increased heart rates, lethargy and the dog may also collapse. So, however beneficial onions are for humans, they are not to be given to dogs.

 Above was the list of fruits and vegetables that you need to steer clear of whenever your dog is around. He might not know that it’s toxic for him, so it’s your responsibility to keep him safe and provide a diet that is best suited for him. Along with the diet, taking care of your pet’s health and protecting him from parasites and worms is also very crucial. Therefore, always ensure you have the necessary pet supplies with you.