Springtime Dangers For Pets To Avoid

Spring is a marker of new life and hope. It brings with it the landscape full of flowers and sunshine filling the hearts with joy and happiness. And your furry pals are no exceptions to welcome the season. But, with that gamut of happiness, spring has with it some hidden treasures that can be lurking the health concerns of your furry pal.

After the long winter, the sunshine and warm air is a welcome sign for you and your furry pal to come into the open and enjoy. But, be watchful for some of the potential dangers stalking your pet.

Five Springtime Hazards for Dogs and Cats

Spring pet food feast

Spring is full of colorful plants and flowers. And during this season your pet tends to eat more junk. They eat flowers, new grass and anything that they find it attractive. While people love to enjoy the land phenomena in spring, pets love to feast on them. Therefore, be watchful on your furry pal during the spring. Many odd ones can bring in health issues for your Fido with some causing allergies or the others can be life threatening.

Toxic lawn treatments

With spring setting in, people tend to start working on lawns in order to make their garden bloom with wonderful colors. Adding on those fertilizers, pesticides or weedicides, may be good for your plants, however, they are toxic to your furry friend. After treating your lawn, ensure to keep your pet safe away from the lawn at least for two days.  Try not to use unsafe garden products on your lawn.


Spring season barges in with fleas and ticks. Keep your Pet Protected With Fleas And Ticks especially if it is a flea and tick region. This helps in controlling skin issues along with other flea and tick related diseases. Numerous flea and tick medications are available. Check for the best flea and tick treatment for your pet and start the preventive in order to protect your furry pal from unwanted infestations.

Harmful shrubs and plants

During spring many shrubs and plants bloom. Not all are safe for your Fido, some beautiful flowers, shrubs, wild flowers and mushrooms can be extremely dangerous.

Intestinal parasites

During the warmer weather, intestinal parasites thrive and cause a threat to your pet. These parasites are easily picked up by the pets through infected feces during the spring. Flea and tick treatments and heartworm preventives usually control these parasites and protect your furry pal from intestinal worm infections.

With your hand full of tools to protect your furry pal against all the odds of springtime, enjoy the splendor of the season with your furry pal.