Be the person your dog thinks you are.
J.w. Stephens

Dog owners always treat their dogs like children and most of the time these so called children teach dog owners special things to become a better person. Sometimes when we are so occupied with life it becomes very difficult for us to look at the finer aspects of life. This is when as a dog owner your pet comes at your rescue and shows you how to enjoy the little things in life which make you a better human being.

What My Dog Taught Me

According to John Warner, “If more people were as loyal and loving as dogs the world would be a better place.” This is an absolutely beautiful quote and showcases the importance of being a better human being first of all and then taking a place that you have in the society at large. Let us now look at different things that you can learn from your dog to become a better person:

  • Dogs are always true to their nature and they teach us that there is no need to fake it. The nature has given each and every one of us special abilities and it is always useful to embrace yourself. Remember a golden retriever cannot acquire the characteristics of a Chihuahua or a pug or a greyhound. Hence, each and every person has its own unique identity you need to find it.
  • Always be true to yourself and the ones you love. They can be your family, your friends, your workmates etc. It is always useful to do something good for others. A life lived for others is a life well-lived…remember this saying and follow it as a gospel of truth.
  • Trust your instincts. Remember that if you have a gut feeling about something go with it. They rarely go wrong.
  • Even if your body grows old always be a puppy by heart. That is never grow old by heart.
  • There are no mysteries in the world. The world is not so complicated as it seems at first. It is very easy to figure that out.
  • Being aloof is no life. Remember to live for others and make your life worthwhile. Humans and dogs are alike especially when it comes to be pack animals we like being with people to make us feel comfortable.
  • When you are after a ball go for it before anyone else gets it because you do not want to miss out on the chase and you do not want any other mutt to get the ball before you get it. Do you?