One of the 5 important elements of nature that are necessary for the existence of life on earth is Water. Almost all species need water in one or the other form for their survival and hence it is needless to say cats do drink water however they don’t like drinking still water and contrary to the popular opinion, cats don’t drink milk after weaning because their system loses the ability to digest Milk sugar efficiently.

The first question that may arise in your mind might be –

Why Do Cats Don’t Drink Still Water?

Well, the answer to this question is very simple. Since they come from a lineage of species that survive in the wild this behavior comes naturally to them, they are more likely to avoid standing water because of the contamination and gravitate towards the running water for its cleanliness.


This type of behavior sometimes makes it difficult for the pet parents to keep their feline hydrated as a result your kitty can become dehydrated and that can’t be a good thing as far as health is considered. Therefore let’s first understand-

Why Is It Necessary To Keep Your Cat Hydrated? 

Water is a vital component as far as digestion, maintaining the temperature of the body, circulation of several fluids and etc. are concerned. Water contains several minerals that help to maintain the balance of body fluids and electrolytes thus keeping it hydrated.

Symptoms Of De-Hydrated Cat |dehydration in cats signs

  • Dry mouth
  • Lethargy or depression
  • Panting
  • Loss of appetite
  • The decrease in skin elasticity

The above-given symptoms, if observed, you need to contact your vet. The vet will give your cat fluids which help in eliminating any potential diseases.

So, Let’s Know The Ways Through Which You Can Make Your Cat Drink Water.

  • Keep The Water Clean – Cats like clean drinking water to provide them it’s as simple as that. Stationary water attracts dirt, worms and all sorts of micro-bacteria, changing the water in the bowl regularly is the key to keep the water fresh. A cat water fountain can also be a good option to lure them to drink water. Though the same water is flowing, it’s flowing anyways hence, it is running water.
  • Opt For A Wider Bowl – Deep and narrow water bowls can make your cat uncomfortable because while drinking water your cat’s whiskers can touch the mouth of the bowl. And after this irritating experience, you can’t expect your cat to be excited about drinking water. Try wide-mouth bowl that is shallow.
  • Keep The Bowl In An Open Place- Cats, again being a creature of the wild, like to drink water at a place from where they can see the full view of the environment for their safety.
  • Feed Wet Food – Feed wet food to in case you are not able to hydrate your feline completely. Wet food will support you in maintaining the fluids levels in your cat’s body. However, you still need to keep trying hydrating your cat through different methods until you find out the method that your cat likes.

Never underestimate de-hydration because it can affect your cat’s health and lead her/him to develop several diseases.

Additional Vet tip- In case your cat is not showing interest in drinking water and because of dehydration, you see you cat’s skin and coat getting dry you can use Malacetic shampoo, Malacetic conditioner, and Essential 6 skin care to keep your feline’s skin moisturized and hydrated.