As we stand at the dusk of the holy week, people would be engaged in their Easter preparation with all their heart. Lilies, chocolates, Easter Bunnies, eggs and much more would be taking their decorative shapes right now at everybody’s home. The most exciting part of the Easter is to exchange gifts with friends and family. In this joyous hustle bustle what people may miss is the opportunity to get the best products at slashed rates of Easter sale.

PetCareSupplies(PCS) care a way lot about the pets and their parents to let them miss such an opportunity from our side. The company wants to get involved in the Easter celebrations of all pet parents by gifting them a site wide discount of 7% on pet supplies. You can shop all the treatments and other pet supplies at 7% less amount of the usual.

Let’s check what PCS has to offer to its customers!


A thumping hub of pet supplies
PetCareSupplies has been delivering pet supplies in the USA from around 4 years and have always received a great response from the pet parents. We have an extensive range of treatments for canines and felines. Pet care with PCS is very affordable and dependable compared to other online sellers. You can get a wide range of products and treatments easily available at this online store. We provide flea and tick treatments, joint care products, intestinal wormers and wound repair treatments for both, dogs and cats. To buy all these treatments at affordable prices, this is the right time. PCS is offering an Easter concession of 7% on all products for all pet parents. So to save bucks this Easter, visit the thumping hub of pet supplies!

Cuts down your pet care budget by 50%
Pet Parents often complain about pet care being costly and unaffordable. OTC purchase has always disappointed the pet parents with their extremely high prices. To turn down the pet care expenses, PetCareSupplies can be the best option. There is always a markdown up to 50% on all the pet supplies at PCS compared to the OTC prices. This means that you can buy the same product in half the amount of the OTC price from this online seller, which helps you to cut down the pet care budget by 50%. This Easter can help you save more than usual at PCS. We have 7% Easter discount on all the pet care products.

Product shipping at no cost
Apart from providing pet care products at the lowest prices, PCS also helps in saving your shipping costs. Yes, the company provides FREE shipping all over the U.S irrespective of the size of the order. This means, you can get the cheapest product at your door without spending a penny on its shipping. So, if you choose to buy pet treatments right now from PCS, your costs will be cut at three different stages, at already discounted prices, on free shipping and the 7% Easter sale.

In all, PetCareSupplies is eager to make pet parents happy on this Easter by giving them a discount of 7% on all pet supplies. This Easter sale is sincerely dedicated to our furry friends that make our life easier. Visit PCS and pass on our love to your darling pets!