It’s no secret that dogs have been humans best friends for ages. None can surpass the love, companionship, and loyalty that one gets from his furry pal. Well, for pet-parents every day is special when it comes to their pet. However, to cherish this beautiful bond between man and the most loyal animal, Dog Day is celebrated. It can be a question regarding who started this incredible day and for that, we have Collen Paige to thanks for. Collen is an Animal Advocate and a Pet & Lifestyle Expert. The day 26th August marks the date she adopted her first family dog, Sheltie. 

Celebrated every year on 26th August, National Dog Day also serves as a reminder to adopt and rescue dogs over buying them from breeder mills. Therefore, to make the day special for your furry pal, here are the ways you can celebrate National Dog Day.

Adopt a pet

One of the best way to honor Dog Day is to adopt a dog and give him a home that he needs. Your life really does change once you have a dog, and for the better! However, bringing a dog into the family is not for everyone and you may feel that you are not at the stage in your life whereby this is right for you. So, plan in prior and get your bundle of joy at home to get the best companionship in the world.

Volunteer in a shelter

National Dog Day comes with many events so to help the shelters get some ease you can volunteer your services. Just call the local shelter and ask them what they need and how you can help them. It could be anything that includes managing the public at the event, help socializing the dogs, or help walking the dog. If you run out of time to volunteer at a shelter home then you can also provide pet care supplies that an organization needs.

Organize a Fundraiser

Well, you can add your contribution to celebrating National Dog Day through other ways. Fundraising is one such good option; it doesn’t necessarily require to involve an event of any kind. There are many ways you can fundraise. For example, you can decide and have personalized T-shirts or pet accessories in the honor of Dog Say and sell them. You could then donate all of the proceeds, or at least a percentage of them, to a dog charity or organization of your choosing. 

Dog Day Events

The the special day comes with many events exclusively organized for dogs. Taking your furry pal to such events can be clear fun. You can have brunch together on National Dog Day or can also enter the National Dog Photo Contest. Moreover, you can also be a part of charity events to not only have fun with your pet but to also contribute in the welfare of other needy dogs. 

Spend More Time With Your Dog 

Last but definitely a worthy thing you can do is to spend time with your furry pal. All you can do is just snuggle and watch a movie with your buddy, you can also bake your pup’s favorite treat, take your doggy for shopping or just have some extra playtime with your bundle of happiness. Your furry pal needs more of your love and cares more than anything in the world, so why not give them this special gift of your time. 

Undoubtedly, ever pet-parents do their best to make everyday special for their pet. However, it is National Dog Day so it’s fine to spoil your pup a little on his special day. Happy Parenting!