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Program for Cats

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Program for Cats
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Program Flea Control Oral Suspension for Cats

Program for cats is a monthly treatment for getting rid of flea infestations. It acts on the flea life stages and kills larvae and pupae thus eliminating all chances of flea multiplication. A fast acting formula, Program oral suspension kills fleas on cats within 24-48 hours and remain effective for one month.


Manufactured by Novartis, Program oral suspension for cats are given orally. Lufenuron, the active ingredient acts from within the cat’s body by circulating in the bloodstream of the feline. It attacks flea eggs and breaks its life cycle thus preventing flea re-infestations. To get the best results, it should be administered with food so that the ingredients are completely absorbed.

This long-term flea control treatment inhibits complete flea infestations when administered two months before fleas become active and continued for six months. Just give one dose on a monthly basis and make your cat flea free. 


Milbemycin and Lufenuron




  • Complete flea infestation treatment.
  • Breaks the flea life cycle to stop flea multiplication.
  • Easy to administer oral suspension.
  • Suitable for kittens and cats both.
  • Fast acting flea control treatment.
  • Kills all flea life stages.


  1. Program for cats is available in two types of packs – Orange pack for kittens and cats weighing between 0-10 lbs and Teal pack for large cats weighing between 11-20 lbs. Weigh your cat and purchase the appropriate pack.
  2. Mix it in the cat’s food. Make sure the cat finishes the entire meal to check the complete intake of the dose.
  3. If there are more cats in the house then treat all of them together with Program flea control treatment.
  4. Follow the advice of a veterinarian for treating pregnant and nursing felines with Program for cats.


  • Give accurate dosage as overdose may give adverse results.
  • Store at low temperatures i.e. below 25°C.
  • Keep away from the reach of children.
  • Keep away from edible items.
  • Avoid contact with the cat’s eyes and skin.
  • Immediately consult a veterinarian if the cat goes through vomiting, diarrhea, skin problems or abnormal breathing.
  • Wash hands properly after administering the tablets.