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Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs

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Preventic Tick Collar 25 inch Adjustable Collar for Dogs

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Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs
  • Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs

    Preventic Tick Collar for dogs is a long lasting tick protection collar. It kills and detaches ticks. It eliminates all the ticks within 48 hours of application. The water resistant collar prevents new ticks from attaching and feeding. It destroys various ticks including American dog tick, brown dog tick, Lone star tick and deer tick. The easy to wear collar provides protection for up to 2 months.

    Preventic is recommended for dogs from 12 weeks of age.

    How Preventic works on dogs?

    The Preventic collar contains an active ingredient ‘Amitraz.’ This is an effective ingredient that kills and helps detach ticks. With dog’s movement, Amitraz is progressively released from a slow release matrix within the collarIt eliminates all the ticks and protects dogs for up to 2 months.




  • Benefits
    • Kills and detaches ticks effectively
    • Destroys ticks that carry diseases such as Lyme and Rocky mountain spotted fever
    • Available in 2 sizes
    • Provides protection for up to two months
    • Protects dogs from new ticks attack
  • Directions
    • Buy the collar according to your dog size.
    • Fit the collar to the dog so that 2 or 3 fingers can be easily inserted between the collar and the dog’s neck.
    • Cut off and dispose of any excess length of collar.
    • Once applied, do not remove Preventic (except while bathing or swimming as water will reduce the efficacy of the collar.)
  • Safety
    • Do not use on cats.
    • Do not tie too tightly as it will irritate the dog’s skin if attached too tightly.


    • Do not use on sick or convalescing animals.
    • Do not allow dogs to chew the collar.
    • It is recommended to seek veterinary attention if the collar is chewed.
Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs
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Best Solution
Aug 22, 2017

I use this Preventic collar on my pooch regularly because we take him in the woods with us often. This one keeps the ticks at bay. Best solution ever.

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Recommend to use this!
Aug 22, 2017

We live in a tick hotbed and my pug loves to play outside. Been using this collar for years on him, he never got tick bites. I highly recommend this collar to all pet parents.

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Absorbing Drug
Mar 25, 2017

We truly haven't had room schedule-wise to rate the neckline for tick avoidance/eradication; we just put it on Augie the first of Feb. In any case, I will state this much: the Preventic neckline has accompanied no reactions, for example, disturbance of her skin; it has no scent; and she appears to be uninformed she's notwithstanding wearing it. So that is all great.

68 of 115 found this review helpful.
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