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Neovet Spot-On

Neovet Spot-On for Kittens and Small Cats Upto 8.8lbs (Orange)

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Neovet Flea, Heartworms, and Worms Treatment for Cats

Neovet is a powerful once-a-month topical flea and worming treatment for cats over 9 weeks of age. It is a quick-acting formulation that treats and prevents adult and larval stages of fleas and prevents flea infestations. It is indicated for the treatment and prevention of intestinal nematode worms including, roundworms and hookworms. Neovet also treats and controls ear mites and lungworms, and prevents the deadly heartworm disease caused by Dirofiliara immitis.

The active ingredients of Neovet, imidacloprid, and moxidectin, act on internal and external parasites in cats. The internal parasites such as intestinal nematodes are killed by moxidectin, whereas, the external parasites like fleas, lice, and ear mites are killed by imidacloprid. Use Neovet for Cats to provide full parasite coverage to your furry friend.


100mg/ml imidacloprid, 10mg/ml moxidectin

  • Broad-spectrum parasite prevention treatment for cats
  • Suitable for cats of all breeds and sizes from 9 weeks of age
  • Kills adult and larval stages of fleas and prevents flea reinfestations
  • Treats and controls common gastrointestinal worms in cats
  • Treats and controls ear mites and lungworms
  • Helps control flea allergy dermatitis in cats
  • Remains effective even when the cat comes in contact with water
  • Hassle-free topical application
  • Simple monthly administration
  • Select an appropriate pack size as per your cat’s weight.
  • For cats weighing up to 8.8 lbs, use the Neovet Orange pack.
  • For cats weighing over 8.8 lbs, use the Neovet Purple pack.
  • Apply the contents of the tube on the skin at the back of your cat’s neck.
  • Let the contents dry.
  • Do not apply when the cat is wet.
  • Wash hands after use.
  • Read the label carefully.
  • Use as directed only.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Do not use on sick, debilitated, or underweight dogs.
  • Use only as directed on the pack.

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  • Cookie
    Great product
    Sep 04, 2023

    It is an all in one product and is simple to apply.

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