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  • Medistatin for Birds & Pigeons

    Medistatin is an exclusive bird treatment that has been developed for the prevention and treatment of Candida in birds and pigeons. It is highly cost effective in comparison to other bird treatments available in the market. It is very easy to administer and is an ideal foil for dozing baby birds. It is highly effective against fungal infections in avian, chicks, cage birds and pigeons.

    It is very easy to administer in baby birds by hand feeding it which aids in preventing and curing yeast infections. It ensures swift recuperation of the birds and pigeons after undergoing Candida disease. Veterinarians in our country highly recommended this treatment for avian birds and pigeons affected by Candida disease.


    Medistatin is highly recommended product for treating Candida in birds and pigeons. Nystatin is the active ingredient present in this powdered treatment. It is an anti-fungal agent that combats Candida organism and assists birds and pigeons to recuperate faster. It is highly safe for baby birds and can also be highly useful in treating hand-reared chicks which are more prone to Candida.


    Nystatin 400 000 i.u./g


  • Benefits
    • Aids in controlling and preventing preventing Candida disease in birds and pigeons
    • Comes in an easy to dose form for baby birds
    • Comes in an oral powdered form which makes it easier to administer in birds and pigeons
    • One of the best treatments that assists in treating Candida in pigeons and birds
  • Directions

    For Pigeons and caged birds

    Add 5gm. with 1 kg of grain for 5 to 7 days. Grain to be lightly coated with oil to allow Medistatin to adhere to the grain.


    Mix 5g with 500g of seed or soft food for 5-7 days. Seed to be lightly oiled to allow Medistatin to adhere to the seed.

    Hand Reared Chicks

    Prevention: Mix 1g per 200g of soft food daily for as long as symptoms prevail.

    Treatment: Mix 1g per 20ml water, shake well and dose 1ml of mixture per 100g bodyweight twice daily.

  • Safety
    • After using the product close the container of the product tightly.
    • Do not allow children and other pets to get near the proximity of the product for safety reasons.
    • This product is strictly for administering in birds only.
    • The product needs to be kept in a cool and dry place away from any damp area.
Buy Medistatin
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It does work!
Mar 19, 2018

Love the product. It has cured my dove who was suffering from yeast infection for quite a long time. Recommended!

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Safe and Good Product
Mar 19, 2018

My birdie had been suffering from candida. After administering her Medistatin on my vet's advice, she is completely healthy and chirpy again. Like the product.

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