Joint Guard for Cats

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Joint Guard For Cats

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Joint Guard for Cats
  • Joint Guard Powder for Cats

    Joint Guard for cats is a no taste; no smell powder with all the nutrients required for joint formation and joint repair. Ideal for cartilage repair and maintenance, this powder is made up of natural ingredients. An active food supplement, it is highly beneficial for felines having joint problems or have genetically imbibed chances of joint disorders.


    Manufactured by Nature Vet, Joint Guard for cats is a scientific formulation that gives relief in joint disorders found in cats. Administered as a food supplement, it supplies all essential components for preventing cartilage degeneration. It helps in development of synovial fluid and cartilage matrix required for healthy joints of cats.

    The combined effect of its active ingredients reduces arthritis pain and aid in cartilage building and joint repair. Glucosamine Hydrochloride supplies nutrition for cartilage building and repair. Chondroitin Sulphate prevents degeneration of joints. MSM gives relief in arthritic pain through its anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, vitamins and minerals help in joint protection and flexibility.


    • Glucosamine hydrochloride
    • Chondroitin sulfate


    Nature Vet
  • Benefits
    • Food supplement that gives necessary joint care support.
    • Gives fast results in joint repair and maintenance.
    • Economical arthritis and joint care product for cats.
    • Reduces cartilage degeneration and inflammation.
    • Clinical tests suggest zero side effects.
    • Excellent preventive treatment for cats that have genetically inherited joint diseases.
  • Directions

    Treatment can be divided in two parts – initial treatment for 4-6 weeks and maintenance treatment. Start with the initial treatment and observe positive responses like increased activity in the feline. Once a sustained response is observed, decrease doses as part of the maintenance treatment.

    Weigh your cat and give an accurate dose as per the details given in dosage chart. Sprinkle Joint Guard powder on cat’s food and make sure it finishes entire meal. Complete intake of dose is important for good results.

    Refer the table for general dose details. In case of acute joint problem, please consult a veterinarian and follow his advice.


    Cat weight

    Initial treatment dose/day (given for 4-6 weeks)

    Maintenance dose

    <5 Kg

    2 scoops

    1 scoop

    5-10 Kg

    4 scoops

    2 scoops

  • Safety
    • Made up of natural ingredients, Joint Guard for cats has practically no side effects.
    • A mild stomach upset may be observed on starting the treatment.
    • Due to the presence of Glucosamine, overdosing may result in feline diabetes.
Joint Guard for Cats
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Excellent Product
Mar 25, 2017

Works efficiently on my two kitties. Also, provides instant relief. Low in cost and high in performance. Highly recommended product

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Great Product!
Feb 04, 2017

Joint Guard is a great product for your pet.

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