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Ilium Oticlean 125ml

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  • Ilium Oticlean Ear Cleansing Solution

    Ilium Oticlean is an effective ear cleansing solution for removing dirt, debris, earwax and dead tissues from the ears of cats and dogs. This aural solution is formulated to prevent bacterial growth in canines and felines. It is an ideal treatment for ear infections and wounds on the external ear canal. It prevents ear diseases and aids in tissue regeneration.


    Ilium Oticlean is a scientific formulation designed for aural cleaning of cats and dogs. It gently removes necrotic tissue, earwax, debris, dirt and dead tissues from the pet’s ears without causing any harm, irritation or pain. It cleanses the ears and heals infections, wounds and scratches when used on a regular basis.

    Easy to apply, the solution is for routine as well as advanced aural care of cats and dogs. By preventing bacterial growth, it prevents future occurrence of ear diseases and infections. Its drying action keeps away excess moisture from the treated animal’s ears and thus ensures healthy and fresh ears.


    • Benzoic acid
    • Malic acid
    • Salicylic acid
    • Propylene Glycol



  • Benefits
    • Gentle solution for routine and advanced aural cleaning of cats and dogs.
    • Protects treated animals from ear diseases and infections.
    • Quickly heals infected tissues and promotes regeneration.
    • An adjunctive treatment for Otitis externa, wounds, scratches and abrasions.
  • Directions

    Properly shake the bottle before starting the treatment. Let the pet rest in a lying down position and open the earflap.

    Place the tip of the nozzle on the top of external ear canal and squeeze out the solution. Gently rub the base of the ear to loosen down earwax and debris.

    Wipe away the dirt softly with cotton. Repeat twice or thrice a week. For wounds, make sure you take veterinarian advice.

  • Safety
    • Wash hands after treating the pet.
    • Keep away from the pet’s eyes and mouth.
    • Remove the debris gently as the ear canals are very delicate.
    • Before using it for any diseases, take the pet for proper diagnosis.
    • In case of no improvement, take veterinarian advice.

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Most Recent Reviews
Clean ears
Jul 26, 2019

Clean ears and clean cat. what more i want.

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Applied just twice and it worked !
Mar 25, 2017

Fast delivery. The product worked great. I put in my dogs ear twice and noticed a huge difference within one week. Thank you.

63 of 130 found this review helpful.
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Great Product!
Jan 30, 2017

Ilium Oticlean is a great product for your pet.

64 of 132 found this review helpful.
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Clean ears and clean cat. what more i want.
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