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HP Healing Cream for Dogs and Cats

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HP Healing Cream For Dogs/Cats 14 gm

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$ 18.54
HP Healing Cream for Dogs and Cats
  • HP Healing Cream for Dogs and Cats

    HP Healing Cream is one of the most effective first aid creams that acts as a disinfectant and aids in treating most skin complications and physical wounds suffering by dogs and cats. It is made up of natural ingredients with minimal processing extracted directly from plants or animal products which are safe for pets. This cream needs to be applied 2-3 times to the affected area in a day.


    HP Healing Cream, a Homeopet product is a mild formula that assists in treating bites, sprains, wounds, ulcers, eczema, burn injuries, grazes, etc. The cream creates a fine layer which allows the cells to regenerate without any problem thus promoting the swift healing of wounds. Some of the ingredients present in this healing cream like Monkshood, Leopard's Bane, and Purple Cone-flower assist in curing many conditions from mild post-injury fevers to severe septic conditions caused by body wounds.


    Monkshood, Leopards Bane, Iodide of Arsenic, Deadly Nightshade, Bruisewort, Wild Hops, Pot Marigold, German Chamomile, Purple Cone-Flower, Black Sampson, Black Pencil Lead, Witch Hazel , Calcium Sulphide, St. John's Wort, Bushmaster Snake, Marsh Tea, Yarrow, Mercury, Pokeweed, Garden Rue, Poison Oak, Pure Flint, Chickweed, Subliminated Sulphur, Comfrey, Arbor Vitae.


  • Benefits
    • A natural homeopathic treatment for dogs and cats
    • Fast effective treatment that heals deep routed external wounds, ulcers, scratches, injuries, skin-burns, skin cuts etc.
    • Effective in treating minor to major external wounds
    • Can be used as a support to all kinds of septic wounds including acute or chronic ones
    • Safe to amalgamate the treatment with other treatments
  • Directions
    • Apply the cream on the affected area by covering the spot that is wounded, has scar, lesion or ulcer.
    • This treatment needs to be applied thrice a day.
    • Clean the wound and dry it before applying this homeopathic cream.
    • If your pet has undergone surgery or has punctured wounds, apply the ointment around the affected area.
    • You can use this homeopathic treatment in conjunction with other treatments without any apparent side effects.
  • Safety
    • After applying the cream wash your hands with soap and water.
    • Does not has any adverse effects on the pet.
    • If you have a pregnant pet take the help of your veterinarian before administering this cream.
    • Never use this ointment on fish.
HP Healing Cream for Dogs and Cats
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Safe and Effective Ointment!
Aug 29, 2017

We have used this ointment for several years on our pet with great results. It is best to heal small wounds quickly and completely.

89 of 189 found this review helpful.
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Great Product!
Feb 22, 2017

HP Healing Cream is a great product for your pet.

98 of 198 found this review helpful.
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