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DAP Spray for Dogs

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Adaptil Spray

Although dogs are mostly friendly pets, they may bring you stress when they are anxious in certain conditions. Adaptil Spray is the perfect product to keep your dogs calm when in such situations. Adaptil Spray puts your dog at ease during grooming sessions, vet visits, parties, road trips, airplane or train travels.

How Adaptil Spray For Dogs Work?

Adaptil Spray releases specific hormones that naturally appease and calm dogs. The solution contains a compound that mimics the natural pheromone that mother dogs emit after giving birth to puppies to make them feel calm and secure. You just have to spray it in your car or near your pet’s bedding to relax your dog. Moreover, since this spray is only perceived by dogs, it won’t affect you or your other pets and you won’t even feel anything.


  • Effective, nondrug solution
  • Creates a sense of calmness and safety
  • Causes the same effects that are caused by natural pheromones
  • Keeps dogs calm during journeys, loud noises and environment changes.
  • May help reduce shaking and crying due to anxiety
  • Safe to use around felines and other pets
  • Spray it around your pet’s bedding or in your car
  • Each bottle lasts for up to 50 sprays
  • Read the label and insert carefully before using
  • Never spray it on your dog directly
  • Never spray it in a crate/carrier when your dog is inside
  • Wait for 10 minutes before introducing dogs to the sprayed area
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Don’t smoke during use
  • Avoid breathing vapors
  • If sprayed in the eyes accidentally, rinse continuously with water for a few minutes
  • Store it in a well-ventilated and dry place