Multiple Choices To Prevent And Treat Your Pooch From Fleas

The spring and the warmer weather brings along the fleas and ticks. It sometimes feels as they are a common part of pet’s life, but you don’t need to take it in that way. You have multiple of choices to prevent and treat your pet for these pests. Just like any other family member even your pet is part of them, and of course, you would like to protect you furry friend and keep him away from these nasty fleas and ticks, which can carry disease and lead to health problems. It is important and better to protect your pet by monthly treatment from infestation than to treat them after a diagnosis.

Prevent Flea and Tick Infestations:

Prevent Flea and Tick Infestations

First and foremost you need to understand the life cycle of flea and tick. They begin as eggs then hatch into larva, followed by the pupa stage and finish their life cycle to adult flea. The female fleas lay hundreds of eggs and cycle begins. To prevent the fleas and ticks infestation includes minimizing or preventing the existence of the eggs in your pet environment. The other animals in your yard carry fleas and introduce it to your furry friend. You can reduce the presence of the other wild animals in your yard to lessen the occupancy of pests.

Controlling The Flea In The Indoor Environment:

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If your pet with fleas stays indoors, then the chances that fleas eggs would found where he rests himself or sits, such as carpets, furniture, bedding etc. Make sure you vacuum thoroughly, your carpets, below the drapes, under furniture edges and where your pooch sleeps. You need to wash the bed sheets, pillow covers, blanket in the hot water. Vacuuming daily can remove up to 50% of flea eggs. After vacuuming, you can use the pest repellent and spray it all over the house.

Controlling The Flea In The Outdoor Environment:

Controlling The Flea In The Outdoor Environment

You need to treat the outdoor environment such as the yard and kennel areas with the help of outdoor pest repellent sprays. Make sure you clean the area where you pet spends more time when he is outdoor such as dog house, under porches, patios etc. Flea like the place where there is organic debris, which is warm, moist and shady. Clean the surroundings properly to disturb the flea habitat, put the efforts to rake away all the organic debris such as grass clipping, straw, leaves etc. Remember you need to clean the outer area of your house every week to keep the fleas and another pest away.

Evaluate And Treat Your Pet:

Evaluate And Treat Your Pet

Make a point that to check your pet regularly for fleas and ticks. Carefully look at your pet’s coat and check for the fleas all over the body. If he your pooch has fleas and ticks then choose a preventive treatment plan for him which best suits him. There are various types of product available to treat your pup such :

Remember along with the above treatments you need to prevent your home with a repellent treatment. You take the advice from the vet which treatment or option you should choose for your furry pal.

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